Game Unavailability Update #3 (30.11)
Game Unavailability Update #3 (30.11)
eSports Tanki Fund
eSports Tanki Fund
The «Trick-or-Treat» mini-game
The «Trick-or-Treat» mini-game

Hello, tankers!


We are back with a summary of the news from the Developers. One of our servers experienced an accident unrelated to the recent DDoS attacks. To restore the full functionality of the game, we had to stop all the other servers.

We have directed all our resources to solve this problem and formed a special team of employees, dedicated only to restoring normal operations of the servers.

According to our estimates, it will take this weekend plus a few more days to do it. We cannot give any exact date now as to when the game will be back online.

Game events that have already been started, such as «Arcade» and «eSports Tanki Fund», are temporarily suspended. Once we have the decision on the fate of these events and the «Trick-or-treat» mini-game, we will make a special announcement with all the details.

As for the «Loss of control» and other planned events — we will postpone them to a more convenient time.

We sincerely apologize for this incident and hope you will understand us and will keep calm. The process of restoring normal operations is ongoing, and we will definitely make the game available for all tankers upon completion of this technical maintenance.

Yes, there will be a token of apology for this. We will consider all the facts and add a special mission with variety of rewards just immediately after the launch of the game servers.

We will continue to keep you updated throughout the maintenance, as well as launch several activities on our social media pages, and a special mini-event on Discord. Together with you, we will be waiting for the moment when we can once again hear the beautiful sounds of the game lobby and garage.


Thanks for staying with us!

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