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Game Rules

Brief Rules

The following in-game activities are prohibited in the Game, Chats, Forums and any other official places of communication:
– use of bots, use of third-party software, exploitation of bugs;
– impersonating a member of Administration or one of its assistants;
– creating obstructions for other users;
– advertising, political propaganda;
– violation of laws, including intellectual property laws;
– sale, purchase, exchange, transfer of Accounts or other in-game property;
– fraud or other dishonest actions.
– insults, threats, slander;
– obscene language, including in the implied form;
– flooding, flaming, spam, printing in capital letters (CAPS LOCK);
– swindling passwords or other Account information;
– instigating others to violate the Game Rules;
– publication of information forbidden by legislation;
– publication of links to third-party resources;
– any forms of discrimination.

Game Rules

You are in Tanki Online, a game where people from all over the world enjoy operating huge battle machines and taking part in fierce battles! Players can fight by themselves or team up to fight for victory side by side. They can also socialize and find new friends.

Tanki Online is an easy-to-learn multiplayer action game, a stage for serious battles, and a great social network.

After completing the registration process, the User receives a virtual tank and 500 crystals (the in-game currency). By winning battles, Users increase their rating and earn new ranks and crystals. Crystals can be used to purchase useful equipment as well as buy or upgrade guns, hulls or paint jobs.

Tanki Online is more than just an exciting online Game. It’s a community of people who share the same interests. We encourage mutual respect and politeness and strongly discourage offensive behavior and/or violating other Users’ rights. The Administrators reserve the right to limit users’ communication abilities, lower their ratings, and/or block their Accounts if they violate these Game Rules.

General Terms

The Administration – representatives of the company who are responsible for the operation of the Game and its services and maintaining order in them.

The Game Rules are an integral part of the End User License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the ‘’Agreement’’ or EULA) and other documents of the Game and Game services. In turn, the Agreement, the Privacy and Cookies policy, as well as other documents published in the Game and Game services, are an integral part of these Game Rules.

Any terms and notions used in the Game Rules have the same meaning as has been assigned to them in the Agreement.

Any use of the Game and its Online Facilities and/or clicking “Accept” at the registration form means that you are acquainted and agree with these Game Rules, and unconditionally accept all their terms.

The Game Rules are obligatory for all Users.

If you disagree with any of the conditions within these Game Rules, you have no right to further use of the Game and its services, and must leave this Site and refrain from using the Game.

1. Requirements for nicknames (Usernames)

It is forbidden to create nicknames (Usernames), clan names (tags) as well as clan slogans that:
1.1. Contain bad or strong language, insults/provocations for insult (in the form of words, abbreviations, expressions or phrases);
1.2. Contain elements of racism, fascism, insults or nicknames based on racial, national or religious identity, or those inciting hatred, intolerance, ethnic discord;
1.3. Contain calls for violence, terrorism, extremism and/or mass disturbances;
1.4. Contain political solicitation, propaganda, political advertising of any kind;
1.5. Are directly or indirectly related to political organizations (persons), including those that committed political crimes or crimes against humankind, terrorist acts;
1.6. Contain discrimination by gender, age, religion or other characteristics;
1.7. Сontain direct or indirect propaganda, calls to consume alcoholic and alcohol-containing drinks, beer, tobacco products, drugs, toxic, psychotropic and/or intoxicating substances, their precursors, contain information about the places and methods of their production, acquisition, cultivation and use;
1.8. Contain information about calls for participation in gambling games, prostitution, vagabondage, begging;
1.9. Contain information about methods for committing suicide, incitements to commit suicide, violence, or other actions that pose a threat to life or health;
1.10. Contain incitement to unlawful behavior, crime, violence, cruelty, infliction of harm that instigate to commit the actions prohibited by laws;
1.11. Contain parts of Usernames of Administration employees or contain information that may entail erroneous perception of the User as an Administration representative;
1.12. Contain criticism of the Game, the Administration or moderators;
1.13. Are directly or indirectly connected with sexual intercourse, violation, pornography, pedophilia, and any other form of sexual violence or practice, deviant or otherwise;
1.14. Contain descriptions of the body and its sexual biological functions;
1.15. Contain advertising and hyperlinks;
1.16. Contain references to cheat codes, cheat sites, resources that violate the rights of the Administration;
1.17. Consist of unpronounceable random sets of letters (flood Usernames);
1.18. Fully or partially consist of trademark elements that are registered and/or are protected by copyright law;
1.19. Contain other information prohibited by these Game Rules, the Agreement and/or the effective laws.
1.20. If a User name does not comply with the requirements above, other requirements specified in these Game Rules, the Agreement, or effective laws, the Administration shall have the right, at its discretion:
– to demand from the User to change the User name to an acceptable one and block the User’s Account for the period required to change the User name;
– to irrevocably block the User’s Account.
1.21. The administration reserves the right to refuse to issue or approve any username to the User for any reason whether before, during, or after the time when the username was issued or approved.

2. Activities and behaviors that are prohibited for the Game’s Users:

2.1. Actions that will lead to (at the Administration’s discretion) the permanent or temporary blocking of (a) User’s Account(s):
2.1.1. Suspicious or unusual activity of the User including, but not limited to: entering the same account from different locations on the same day, game activity that causes a large increase of in-game currencies in a short period of time, etc.;
2.1.2. Application or distribution of third-party software or other means for improvement/automation of game possibilities (bots, cheats), as well as programs that may deteriorate the functioning of the Game and/or the functioning of electronic devices of third persons;
2.1.3. Exploitation of software bugs in the Game, and transferring information about them to third persons, except for the Administration;
2.1.4. Battles between accounts owned by the same User;
2.1.5. Sabotage — Any acts or omissions aimed at creating obstructions for the team where the User is a member, including in CTF, TDM and CP modes, fighting against the team of which you are a member (intentional selection of weak equipment, frequent pauses, inactivity or intentional failure to comply with map’s or game mode’s requirements, imitation of issues with internet connection), damaging/destroying an ally’s tank, fighting in the interest of the opponent’s team (conspiracy);
2.1.6. Use of the Game and/or Game services for fraudulent or other illegal actions, including without limitation fraudulent in-game financial operations, fraud in the course of transactions, payments, including any refund, prohibited transactions; using the User’s virtual property, rankings, achievements and possessions in the Game (garage, crystals, game statistics) after refunding a payment; using multiple accounts, bots, 3rd party software, bugs in order to obtain an artificial advantage in battles, events (contests and promotions) held by The Administration and the company.
2.1.7. Fraud — receiving in-Game currency using fraudulent means. The Administration warns Users that such activities may lead to criminal or other liability;
2.1.8. Transfer of the Account or other game values to third persons; publication of any offers to sell, buy, or transfer the Account or in-game property, both free of charge and for crystals or funds, as well as instigations to the said actions;
2.1.9. Conspiracy – organizing battles to gain experience points and/or crystals from battle funds, through having inactive or succumbing players in a battle.

2.2. Actions that will lead to (at the Administration’s discretion) a permanent limitation of access to Game’s Chats and Forum (ban):
2.2.1. Phishing — actions that are aimed at gaining access to Users’ confidential data, such as logins and passwords;
2.2.2. Posting links to 3rd party resources that are disguised as the Game’s official resources;
2.2.3. Posting links to resources that promise free crystals, crystals issued by administration, or explain or describe the exploitation of crystal bugs, etc.;
2.2.4. Posting links to sites/hostings containing 3rd party software (cheats, programs, clients, etc.), spreading links to sites containing software that changes the game’s functionality or promises to do so;
2.2.5. Other cases of fraud, aimed at stealing Users’ accounts.

2.3. Actions that will lead to (at the Administration’s discretion) a temporary limitation of access to Game’s Chats and Forum for up to 6 months (ban):
2.3.1. Discrimination towards inexperienced players (newbies): misinformation, intimidation, mockery;
2.3.2. Insults, slander (dissemination of misleading information) in relation to other Users, Administration, moderators, other persons;
2.3.3. Performance of any actions that have a negative influence on the Game’s development and image;
2.3.4. Other forms of behavior that hinder the normal game process which will be recognized as such by the Administration.
2.3.5. Attempts to obtain the password, other Account information or other personal information from any other User, including in the form of extortion by using moral, physical or technical threats;
2.3.6. Sharing the password to one’s own account
2.3.7. Dissemination of any personal information about other Users or about third persons (unless such information is publicly accessible);
2.3.8. Use of bad or strong language, other bad or rude words (phrases) not classified as bad language, including in the implied form;
2.3.9. Publication of the information and materials of sexual, erotic or pornographic nature, picturing or describing sexual relations or deviant sexual practices, as well as posting links to resources containing such information;
2.3.10. Publication of the information or symbols that insult or humiliate the feelings of believers, raises hatred, enmity, racial, international or ethnic discord, intolerance (including insults, giving nicknames on the basis of racial, national, ethnic, religious characteristics), and also provocation of the interlocutor to commit the specified actions;
2.3.11. Propaganda or demonstration of Nazi emblems, symbols, abbreviations or designations, names and surnames of Nazi activists;
2.3.12. Publication of the information in which one may see the elements of calling for violence, war, terrorism, overthrow of power; extremist activity and/or mass disturbances;
2.3.13. Publication of information about political organizations (political leaders) that committed political crimes or crimes against humankind, terrorist acts, or otherwise violated the international laws;
2.3.14. Any form of discrimination by gender, age, religion or other characteristics;
2.3.15. Publication of information containing methods for committing suicide, calls to commit suicide, violence, or other actions that pose a threat to life or health, descriptions of dangerous fighting techniques, stunts, methods for weapons production, description of body modification methods;
2.3.16. Publication of information that describes, instigates or justifies unlawful or antisocial behavior, crime, violence, mutilation, psychic or physical cruelty to people, animals, inflicting damage on the property of others;
2.3.17. Publication of information that causes fear, horror or panic in children, including pictures or descriptions of death, diseases, suicide, accidents, emergencies or disasters and (or) their consequences, other information that may damage health or development of minors;
2.3.18. Publication of information that contains direct or indirect propaganda, calls to consume alcoholic and alcohol-containing drinks, beer, tobacco products, smoking accessories, drugs, toxic, psychotropic and/or intoxicating substances, their precursors, contains information about the places and methods of their production, acquisition, cultivation and use;
2.3.19. Publication of the information that can encourage the desire to participate in gambling games, prostitution, vagrancy or beggary;
2.3.20. Any use of intellectual property objects (software, art, video and other objects or their parts, trademarks, etc.), or other materials without the right holder’s permission; posting links to pirated content; deletion or change of the information on intellectual property rights, in particular links to the right holders, authors and other confirmation of intellectual property rights;
2.3.21. Publication of information that may result in harm/losses for Users or the Administration;
2.3.22. Provision of false or fictitious information, documents or evidence. The Administration warns Users about the criminal and other responsibility for such activities;
2.3.23. Creating topics and/or messages in the Game’s Chats and/or Forums that are Flaming (“arguing for the sake of arguing”, an exchange of messages that is just a war of words, often bearing no relation to the original cause of dispute);
2.3.24. Creating topics and/or messages in the Game’s Chats and/or Forums, aimed at provoking other Users, the Administration, moderators, as well as obstructing communication at the Forum or game chats;

2.4. Actions that will lead to (at the Administration’s discretion) a temporary limitation of access to the Game’s Chats and Forum for up to 24 hours (ban) or an official warning:
2.4.1. Any attempts to pretend to be a former or current employee of the Administration or project assistant (moderator, consultant, etc.), including sending messages on behalf of the Administration or moderators;
2.4.2. Begging in any form, including requests to transfer funds, game values or crystals;
2.4.3. Publication of the information that negates historical events;
2.4.4. Publication of information that contains political solicitation, political advertising, election propaganda of any kind;
2.4.5. Discussion of present-day political issues that can provoke conflict in any way;
2.4.6. Threats in any form related to Users, Administration or third persons;
2.4.7. Publication of information about a minor that suffered as a result of unlawful actions (omissions);
2.4.8. Publication of any advertising materials or information without the Administration’s approval;
2.4.9. Unconstructive criticism of the Game and/or its authors, the Owner;
2.4.10. Commission or instigation (provocation) to actions (inaction) that are prohibited by these Game Rules, the Agreement and/or applicable law.
2.4.11. Starting topics and/or creating messages in game chats and/or on the Forum that: Reproduce already existing topics or messages, as well as topics that have recently been discussed and/or the answers to which are available in the information sections (the Game Rules, FAQ, Plans, etc.). Do not correspond to the theme of the section/category; Contain caps lock or a lot of capital letters in the title and/or content of the topic or message; Contain the following in the title and/or description of the topic or message: irrelevant or repeated symbols or characters, emoticons, referral links, “cheat codes”, information that complicates the understanding of the topic or section, or does not have any meaning (Flood), for example == – My topic – ==; Contain text with font size larger than 24; Lack information and do not reflect a sense of the matter in the title or description of the topic; Quote parts of previous messages that are too large, and/or images without any special necessity (overquoting); Continue to discuss the topics that were closed or deleted by the Administration (necroposting); Have the nature of a personal appeal to the Forum participants. For personal communication please use Private Messages. Personal discussions are allowed in parallel with solving issues. Contain spam, that is, distribute the information which the addressee did not request, showed no interest in receiving, and/or gave no consent to receiving; Contain other information that is forbidden by these Game Rules, the Agreement and/or applicable law.

3. Application of restrictions to the User

3.1. If a User violates these Game Rules, the Administration shall be entitled to apply the restrictions stipulated in the relevant section of the Game Rules to this User. Possible restrictions are not limited to the mentioned ones. The Administration reserves the right to apply other restrictions at its own discretion, with up to permanent blocking of Account, including partial or complete cutdown of all the User’s virtual property, rankings, achievements and possessions in the Game (garage, crystals, game statistics).
3.2. When choosing restrictions, the Administration considers the type and number of violations, as well as previous violations of these Game Rules by the User.
3.3. The Administration shall be entitled, at its own discretion, to delete any information or message; delete/move the topic created in the wrong Forum’s section, without notification.
3.4. The Administration shall be entitled, at its own discretion, to apply one or several restrictions simultaneously to the User, or give a warning.
3.5. Violation of these Game Rules means that the User may be immediately, without any prior notice, denied provision of game services or such services may be restricted in full or in part.
3.6. If a User violates the Game Rules several times or in an integrated manner, the Administration shall be entitled, at its own discretion, to repeat the restrictions applied to the User.
3.7. As it is not always possible to precisely identify the particular violations of the Game Rules, the final decision always remains with the Administration.
3.8. These restrictions may be applied to any Account of the User that violates these Game Rules.
3.9. Private messages are intended for the personal communication of Users in game services and on the Forum. While processing complaints about violation of the Game Rules, the Administration shall not consider complaints about private messages, with the exception of violations of Game Rules in private messages of members or assistants of Administration. A User may stop receiving private messages from another user by adding him/her to the Black List in the appropriate section of the User’s profile on the Forum.
3.10. The Administration shall in no way be responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, that a User or a third party might have suffered as a result of the User’s use or the third party’s use of the Internet Site, the Game and /or the Online Facilities including but not limited to damages caused by the inability to use the Game and the Online Facilities, or caused by application by the Administration of restrictions to the User, direct or indirect damages arising out of third party actions, including other users of the Game, lack of access to internet, theft, destruction of Materials, loss of information related to User’s Account and any harm to the User’s honour, dignity and business reputation arising in connection to the Game.

4. Assistants of Administration

4.1. Assistants of Administration are selected by the Administration among Users.
4.2. An Assistant of Administration is a person acting on behalf and in the interests of the Administration. Assistants of Administration shall maintain and control the order in the Game and game services, as well as on the Forum, Chats and official social media pages and accounts of the Game.
4.3. An Assistant of Administration shall be honest and objective in making decisions, and shall also comply with the provisions of these Game Rules and the Agreement, be polite to Users, perform his/her duties efficiently and regularly. The activities of Assistants of Administration are determined and regulated by their internal guidelines.
4.4. It is forbidden to publicly discuss the activities of Assistants of Administration in the Game’s Forums, Chats, official groups in social media. All complaints on the work of Assistants should be sent to an administrator of a respective assistants group;
4.5. The activity of Assistants of Moderation is performed on a voluntary basis. A User has no right to impose upon an Assistant to apply a restriction.

5. Complaints and Appeals

5.1. The User has the right to report violations of the Game Rules by creating a new forum topic in the Violations section. It is necessary to specify the nature of the violation clearly in the new topic and attach a video which clearly shows the violation. Reports about chat violations are not accepted.
5.2. User may send any questions, comments or complaints regarding these Game Rules to help@tankionline.com. The Administration will make every effort to consider such requests as soon as possible.
5.3. When sending a complaint, the User shall describe the nature of the situation in as much detail and as clearly as possible and attach facts of evidence, screenshots, etc. Complaints about groundless restrictions are considered solely for the purpose of internal evaluation of the work of the Administration and the moderator. Decisions on the application of restrictions are not subject to revision.
5.4. If the User starts correspondence with the Administration or provides a report about problems with the Game or game services, the Administration shall be entitled to store all such correspondence.

6. Other provisions

6.1. The Administration manages the Game and applies these Game Rules at its sole discretion, but takes into account the community’s opinion.
6.2. These Game Rules may be changed by the Administration without any prior notice. The User is obliged to check these Game Rules for changes at least once every seven days (i.e weekly). If such a check is not made within the specified period and the User continues to use the Game, the User is considered to have read and agreed with the amended version of these Game Rules.
6.3. The Administration maintains a “zero tolerance” policy to cheating and fraud. If, in the Administration’s opinion, the User cheated or tried to cheat the Administration or another User, or provided false or fictitious information, documents, evidence and otherwise violated the applicable laws, the Administration reserves the right to block the User’s Account and transfer such information at its own discretion (along with the User’s personal data) to any third party and/or law enforcement authorities if the Administration deems it necessary.
6.4. The Administration may issue other provisions and restrictions in the eSports Rules, the rules of competitions, tournaments, and championships. At the same time, these Game Rules are an integral part of other rules adopted by the Administration.
6.5. The Forum, the Game Chats, and other gaming community services offered for communication are intended for communication and exchange of gaming experience between Users. As such communications are not electronic communications services (from a legal point of view), messages sent this way are not considered private or confidential. To create a pleasant atmosphere, as well as to ensure the safety and legality of communication for all Users, we reserve the right to save and view both outgoing and incoming messages (as well as other messages) in the game chats.
6.6. Messages sent in the Game Chats are available in real-time only mode and are not available for Users after disappearing from the screen.
6.7. The Administration reserves the rights to:
6.7.1. save messages sent in the Game Chats or other information the User receives or sends through the game services or the Game itself, and
6.7.2. check aforementioned Game Chat messages or other messages for possibly violating the applicable laws and/or the Agreement. The Administration is obliging to use such information received from the Game Chat messages or other messages solely for the purpose of detecting violations and taking appropriate measures if a violation is detected.
6.7.3. Storing backup copies or materials published in the Game is a right but not an obligation of the Administration. The Administration reserves the right to set a limitation on the maximum individual storage capacity for any User.
6.8. The Administration reserves the right to delete, move or edit (at their discretion) any information that it deems offensive or in violation of any applicable laws, regulations, and/or the Game Rules. The User is solely responsible for the content of any information posted by the User in the Game. The Administration’s refusal to remove certain information should not, under any circumstances, be construed as an approval or acceptance by the Administration.
6.9. The Administration is in no way responsible for possible access of a third party to the Account and should not be considered responsible for any losses caused as a result of illegal use of the User’s Login and Password by a third party, unauthorized access to the Login and Password, and/or for any transaction for which the User’s Login and Password were registered (entered) correctly.
6.10. The Administration is in no way responsible if the User forgets or loses the User’s Password. The Company should under no circumstances be responsible for the safety of the User’s Login and Password.
6.11. The User has the right to ask the Administration to block the User’s Account by sending an email to help@tankionline.com.
6.12. In case the User doesn’t enter the game for 6 (six) months at a time, the Administration has the right to block the User’s Account.
6.13. The Administration reserves the right to block the Account at any time at the Administration’s discretion or if the User violates the Agreement, the Game Rules, or other regulations.