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«War: Domination» is almost here! The event will start 07:00 UTC on July 30th, and we can’t wait to jump in, what about you?


We remind you, that the War is a global event where players of the EN-, DE-, PL- and RU- communities are divided into 3 factions at random: Wolves, Bears and Lions. Each faction will be fighting for territories on the special War site and earn Victory Points.


Each player participating in the war can win a lot of containers, and tankers of the winning faction will get additional prizes — 20 containers and the animated version of their faction paint! Also, tankers who make it into Top-10 list of the stars earned in their faction will get unique set of Legacy skins for Viking and Thunder.


With the morning restart tomorrow, 02:00 UTC on July 28th, the “Distributor” paint will be added to Garages for purchase. You can buy the paint for 1000 crystals, but factions will be assigned to all participants only after logging into the game after morning restart on Monday, 02:00 UTC July 30th. If you purchase the “Distributor” paint during the event, your faction will be assigned instantaneously.


Here’s what will become available after your faction is assigned:


  • “Distributor” will be removed from the Garage. In its place, a new paint will added, chosen randomly between the 3 factions (you might need to open Garage again). We’ll remind you — the paint is only a marker, you don’t need to equip it in battles.
  • Local chat-channel, available only to members of your faction. For the channel to appear in the list, you will need to refresh the game (the browser or restart the client).
  • The current number of stars in the top panel next to your crystals. It show how many stars did you collect for the current turn in the War (from 07:00 UTC till 06:55 UTC on the next day).
  • With each new turn the counter will be zeroed out.
  • Special offer in the Shop, which included “Easy Stars” pass and 50,000 crystals. The pass will be applied for the full duration of the War and will double the number stars earned in battles. At the end of the War the special offer will be removed from the Shop, and the pass will be deactivated for players who have purchased the pass.
  • For all participants in the War a new button called “Bonus” will be added to the score table at the end of battles, which will show how many stars did you earn this battle.


IMPORTANT: with the morning restart on July 27th additional information on how many crystals you earn as bonus when you have Premium or the beginner’s pass was removed from the final score table. The summary of rewards (including all bonuses) is now shown in the “Rewards” column.


After the faction distribution you will need to open the War site and make your first move!


IMPORTANT: the War site will be opened with the start of the event on Monday, 07:00 UTC July 30th, but the faction distribution will start 5 hours earlier — at 02:00 UTC. Because of it, you can find yourself in a situation, where you already have a faction assigned, but can’t earn stars in battles. This is absolutely normal: if you got 0 stars after the battle ends, this means you either were inactive in the battle, or did not vote for territories to be attacked and defended this turn on the War site (which is impossible to do between 02:00 UTC and 07:00 UTC on July 30th). As soon as we open the War site, you will be able to vote for territories to attack and defend, and start earning stars in battles.


BE AWARE: when you get assigned to a faction, there can be a delay of up to 5 minutes before it’s shown on the War site, please refresh the site in 5.


And now, we offer you a very detailed ruleset of the event below, take your time reading it, the War begins in 2 days!


Quick Guide How to Play:


  • Purchase the “Distributor” paint in the Garage for 1000 crystals.
  • Log in on the special War site.
  • The War site will open 07:00 UTC July 30th.
  • You will be able to open the site using the link above or through the special button in Matchmaking Lobby.
  • To authorize on the site use your login and password from your Tanki Online account, or your Facebook or vKontakte account if have attached the account to either of the social networks.
  • Choose 1 territory to attack and 1 territory to defend on the War map. It’s very important to confirm you choice!
  • Play in Matchmaking battles and earn at least 5 stars to confirm your vote in the turn.
  • Continue earning stars in battles to increase your rewards and support your faction in battles for the chosen territories.
  • Each turn repeat the voting for territories and playing in Matchmaking battles to earn stars.


War Turns. Battles for territories


One turn of the War will take exactly 24 hours (from 7AM UTC till 7AM UTC of the next day), and you will fight both the War map — for territories — and in battles against other tankers in Tanki Online.


For each turn you will need to choose on the War map an area to attack (from territories directly connected to the territory owned by your faction) and another to defend (from the territories already owned by your faction). It’s necessary to confirm your choice by pressing on the “Confirm” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. BE AWARE: You can not change your vote after the confirmation.


Please also note: regions on the global War map are named after maps in Tanki Online, so it’s easier for you to strategize using their names. It is NOT required to play on the maps.


After you confirm the turn go straight into Matchmaking battles and earn stars — a special in-game resource. You will begin each turn with 0 stars, and as soon as you earn 5 stars (this is the minimal number of stars to participate in a turn), all new stars that you earn after confirming your vote for the next turn on the War site will be added to faction progress in the ongoing battles for chosen territories.


The number of stars earned by you can be seen in the game on the top bar next to crystals, and also on the War site. On the site, the stars earned in the current turn will be shown only after you earn 5 stars or more.


IMPORTANT: for a War turn only the stars earned after confirming your vote on the War site will be counted towards faction progress. You NEED to vote for attacking and defending territories on the War site first, and then, after earning 5 stars all new stars will be counted towards the faction and to receive event prizes.


This way, each faction can attack and defend many territories, and the result of each battle for the territory will be determined by player participation and the number of players who voted for the territory.


The more you play and the better you play, the more stars you will earn. Also, stars earned after the required number to confirm a turn (5 stars), will earn you additional rewards.


You can skip turns, but if your faction will win the War, the additional prizes for the winners will be given to you only if you have completed at least 6 turns during the War.


You will be able to track battle progress for all factions on the War site in real time.


Map Bonuses


On the map you will find yellow chest icons, they mark special territories — Vaults.


If a faction captures a vault, then all participants of this faction that confirmed their turn to attack this territory will get 15 containers.


IMPORTANT: the bonus is one time only. The rewards will be given only to those, who will capture the territory first.


What you need to Win


The goal of each faction is to capture and hold as many territories as possible.
Each turn captured territories will earn your faction Victory Points (these are NOT stars).


Territories around the edges of the map (first level) will earn 1 Victory Point, territories closer to the middle of the map (second level) will earn 3 Victory Points, and the central regions of the War map (third level) will earn 5 Victory points.


First faction that earns 300 Victory Points will win the War.


Rewards for participating in the War


  • For confirming your choice of territories on the War site and earning 5 stars — 3 containers;
  • For earning 15* stars — 5 containers;
  • For earning 30* stars — 10 containers.
  • For participating in capturing a bonus territory — 15 containers;
  • For winning the War — 20 containers and animated version of your faction paint;
  • The necessary requirement to earn these rewards is to confirm your vote in at least 6 turns of the War (you don’t have to complete all 6 in a row).
  • For placing in Top-10 of your faction by the stars earned at the end of the War you will get unique Legacy skins for Viking and Thunder, which will make your tank look exactly like it’s the old graphics of 2012.


* total number of stars in a turn, not in addition to the previous level.


Prizes for the stars earned and the bonus territories captured will be given out automatically once a day at the end of each turn — between 06:55 UTC and 7:05 UTC on that day.


Containers for the faction win will be sent out after the completion of the last turn of the War. We will announce the dates when animated paint and skins will be delivered after the event ends.




You can participate in the War event only by following the Game Rules ( and the End User License Agreement ( of Tanki Online.


The event is designed only as an entertaining fictional activity and has no connection to real names, people, organizations and events in the world. Any similarities are coincidental. The event does not, in any way, provoke or encourage real life violence, extremism or violation of the international law. The company is not responsible for any actions that harm the user or break the international law and/or Game Rules. For breaking the rules of the game or the event, participants can be disqualified from the event and its rewards.





When will the War start?
The event is planned to start on July 30th.


How much time will the War take?
Approximately 2-3 weeks. Everything depends on the strategies each faction will choose and how active are the players of each faction.


Which ranks can participate in the War?
From Master Corporal and up.


How much will the “Distributor” paint cost?
1000 crystals.


And if I miss the start of the War, will the “Distributor” paint be removed from the Garage?
No, you can buy the “Distributor” paint and join the event until the very last day of the War.


What will happen to faction paints at the end of the War?
The winners will get their faction paint replaced with the animated version.
The necessary requirement to get the animate paint is 6 completed turns.
All other faction paints will be removed from participants.


What is the “Easy Stars” pass, how does it work and where can I find it?
“Easy Stars” pass will increase the number of stars earned in battles. It will be available for purchase only in the Shop.


How much time does a single turn take?
23 hours and 55 minutes: from 07:00 UTC until 06:55 UTC of the next day. During the 5 minute pause we will recount the map status, faction progress and send out the prizes.


What will happen if I miss several days of the War?
Nothing horrible. The only thing you will miss are the awesome prizes for the days you didn’t participate in the event, but you will always be able to participate in the next turn.


Will I have to equip the paint of my faction for each battle?
No, you can play in any paint, faction paints do not have to be equipped.


How players will be distributed between the factions?
The distribution process will be regulated in such a way, that each faction will have the equal chances of winning.


Can I choose a faction or somehow influence the “Distributor”?


Will participants from the same clan be able to choose the same faction?
No, but you can create a Battle Group and play together in MM battles to complete your turns and battle missions.


Will I have to make kills in order to confirm my vote on the War map?
No. Your vote will be counted after you earn 5 stars in battles.


Does participant’s K/D matter in the War?
No, K/D does not influence anything.


In what battles can I earn stars?
Only in Matchmaking battles.


Do I need to play on any specific map or in any specific game mode to earn stars?
No. You can play in any Matchmaking battle.


Can I earn stars by playing in Juggernaut mode?
Yes, you can.


Can I earn stars in Mobile version of Tanki Online?
Yes, you can, but TO Mobile doesn’t have the War interface implemented, so you will have to track how many stars you have on the War site.


What determines how many stars I will earn at the end of battle?
1st place in DM or on the winning team — 3 stars;
1st place on the losing team or 2nd place on the winning team in DM — 2 stars;
Any other placement — 1 star.


Will I still earn stars, if I leave a battle before it ends?
No. Stars are given only at the end of the battle depending on the place you have reached in the overall results.


Can I first play the battles, earn stars, and then confirm my turn on the War map?
NO! It is VERY important that you follow the order of actions: first choose territories to attack and defend on the War site, press on “Confirm”, and then earn stars in battles!


If several players finish the battle with the identical score, who will get the stars?
They will earn the same place in battle and get the equal number of stars (without the stars earned through the “Easy Stars” pass).


If a tanker doesn’t participate in the War and places on the final score table in battles, how many stars will be given to the players who participate in the War and are placed BELOW that tanker on the score table?
Players who do not participate in the War will still place in battles as usual, and will not give any extra stars to players below them in the list who are participants in the War.


How many stars will you earn if a team battle ends in a draw?
In this case, when the stars are being counted the system will think both teams lost.


Will the Premium subscription multiply the number of stars earned same way as it’s done for crystals at the end of the battle?
No, it won’t.


Will players of the same faction be put into the same team in Matchmaking battles?
No. The assigned faction (of if you weren’t assigned to a faction yet) does not impact the Matchmaking mechanic and team balance in battles.


Will there be special territories that reward resources or the Nuclear Rocket like in the previous War event?
No. The resources mechanic in the War was changed to Victory Points, that are earned each turn by any captured territory.


Will there be added a special chat channel for each faction?
We plan to add to the game a “War” chat channel, same as we did in the previous War. Also, to coordinate faction efforts you will be able to use the dedicated War section of the Forum.


Can several factions at once fight for the same territory?
Of course. The territory will be captured by the faction whose players that chose this territory to attack or defend have earned more stars than their opponents.


What will happen if multiple factions fighting for the territory will earn the equal number of stars at the end of the turn?
The territory will remain in control of the faction that was defending the region (if that area was previously captured and the faction that owns it participated in the defence), or will become neutral, if that territory was neutral or the faction that captured it previously did not participate in the conflict for it.


What will happen, if the faction attacks a neutral territory?
The territory will be captured by that faction. This is a normal occasion for the beginning of the War, when each factions starts to expand its territories around the capital.


What will happen if a faction capital is captured?
Nothing special. Faction capitals are the same territories like any other. Their goal is to be a starting point for the faction in the War, nothing more.


What will happen, if a faction loses all of its territories?
It will be removed from the War, since none of that faction’s players will be able to choose what to attack or defend on the War map.


For capturing territories factions earn Victory Points. If a faction loses territories, will the Victory Point be retracted?


What will happen, if multiple factions reach 300 Victory Points at the same time?
In this case the faction that earns the most stars during the last turn will win the War.


When will I get rewards for completing turns?
At the end of each turn.


How many turns do I need to complete to get the additional prize at the end of the War if my faction wins?
At least 6 turns.


Can I earn more than 10 containers each event day?
10 containers is the maximum reward that can be given per turn by earning stars, but don’t forget about the bonus territories on the War map.


What determines faction progress when it comes to Victory Points?
Victory Points are given to each faction before the start of a new turn. Each territory that the faction owned in the previous turn will earn the faction a certain number of Victory Points, and the number depends on the level of the territory (find more information on the map legend in the bottom left corner of the site). The current Victory Points table for all factions can be found at the bottom of the War site.


Stars and Victory Points — what’s the difference?
You need stars to fight for territories on the map.
VPs are needed to win in the War.


How does Top-10 for each faction count the stars?
All stars earned by the player during the War will be summarized. The more stars you earn, the higher is your placement in the Top-10 list.
Note 1: each player has access only to the Top-10 list of their own faction (or no list if the players has not yet purchased the Distributor paint).
Note 2: The ratings in Top-10 list are updated every 5 minutes, please note there’s a delay.


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