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General Rules for Contests and Promotions

Date of entry into force: February 8th, 2021

These rules (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) determine the general conditions under which APL Publishing Ltd (referred to as the Organizer), holds promotions and contests under the trademarks “Танки онлайн”,“Tanki Online”.

The Rules apply to all promotions and contests, unless otherwise stated in the Official Event Announcements.

  1. Definitions
Events  Promotions and Contests held by the Organizer.

Events are not lotteries or other risk-based games.

Promotion Event organized by the Organizer to promote the services and trademarks Танки онлайн, Tanki Online. Unless otherwise provided by the rules of a particular Promotion, the conditions for participation in the Promotion is the purchase of the Organizer’s Services. The prize is awarded to all Participants who have fulfilled the conditions for the promotion.
Contest Event that is held to achieve socially useful goals, in particular: the

  • development of the participants’ creative skills;
  • stimulation of educational and cognitive activities of participants in the field of e-sports;

The prize is awarded for the best completion of a competitive assignment or the achievement of other outstanding results.

Organizer APL Publishing Ltd, a company duly registered under the laws of Malta bearing registration number C 85285, and having its registered address at 157, Archbishop Street Valletta, VLT1440, Malta
Participant User of the Game who fulfils the requirements stated in these Rules and the Announcement of the Event
Prize-winner Participant who is awarded with the prize
Game Interactive multi-user online game ‘Tanki Online’, including all its components, game services, applications, Virtual Currency, themes, objects, virtual items, characters, character names, stories, catch phrases, concepts, images, sounds, animations, audio-visual effects, client software, sites, computer programs, chat, forum, official communities on social networks, and all content and any web resources that are available on the Internet Site or on external platforms, including but not limited to Apple Appstore and Google PlayTM, located on the site
The website Game, the entire set of Materials and web resources located in the domain, on its subdomains with the address / en /, and on game servers with addresses starting with / battle-en /, as well as on other sites associated with it and accessible through links or other access paths, and on services available through such sites that are officially recognized as Franchisor or Company
Social Networks  Social network, located on one of the following addresses:

Facebook group:

YouTube channel:




Announcement of the Event The set of conditions for a specific Event published on the Website / Official pages of social networks

For the purposes of the Rules, the definitions of Section 3 of EULA are also applied throughout the text:

  1. General Terms

2.1. The decision to participate in each Event is voluntary and is taken by each Participant at their own discretion.

The Organizer independently determines the conditions for the Event, including:

  • requirements for the Participants. Unless otherwise specified in the conditions of the Announcement of the Event, registered users of the Game may participate in the Event;
  • actions to be performed by the Participant;
  • assessment criteria;
  • the dates of the Event (with the possibility of their extension at the initiative of the Organizer);
  • prizes awarded to selected Event Participants.

2.2. The terms of the Event may be indicated:

  • in the Announcement of the Event, posted in the appropriate section of the Site;
  • on one of the official pages of social networks.

2.3. Before participating in each Event, the Participant agrees to read the current version of the Rules that can be found at: In case of disagreement with the terms of the new version of the Rules, the Participant agrees not to participate in the Event.

2.4. The Participant agrees with these Rules and the Announcement of the Event at the time of the first active action specified as a condition for participation in the Event.

2.5. The Organizer is not responsible for the technical problems of the Participants related to the quality of software, computer devices, Internet connections and others, for technical problems and the availability of the Official Social Networks, the Site or for failures caused by unauthorized interference of third parties.

2.6. The participant is not entitled to a reimbursement of costs associated with taking part in the Event.

  1. General Conditions for Determining the Prize-winners

3.1. The determination of the Prize-winners is carried out in accordance with the Announcement of the Event. Moreover, in any case, the prize may be awarded only to these persons who have fulfilled all the conditions for participation in the Event specified in these Rules and the Announcement of the corresponding Event.

3.2. The Organizer may use a prize draw to determine the Prize-winners. Prizes can be drawn using a random number generator. If there is a technical possibility, the Organizer carries out a video filming of the drawing process, which is the final proof of the results of the Event and is not subject to dispute.

3.3. In order to determine the Prize-winners, the Organizer may use the following criteria for assessment of creative works:

  • compliance of the content of creative work with the specified topics;
  • completeness and imagery of the disclosure of the topic;
  • creativity;
  • originality of idea, innovation, creative approach;
  • expressiveness of the applied methods.

3.4. The place and time of the announcement of the results have to be reported to the Participants in the Announcement of the Event.

3.5. The Organizer publishes the results of the Event on one of the following resources:

  • on the social network;
  • on the corresponding page of the website.

3.6. The deadlines for publishing the results of the Event in any case do not exceed fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of its completion.

  1. General Conditions for Granting Prizes

4.1. Prize-winners are required to provide the Organizer with contact information for the transfer of the prize via e-mail, forum private messages or google forms. The contact information should be provided within seven (7) calendar days from the date of the Prize-winner’s announcement, and if the Prize-winner is a minor, Prize-winner should also provide a scanned copy of the consent signed by the legal representative of the Prize-winner approving the Prize-winner’s participation of the Event and the processing of the personal data of the Prize-winner;

4.2. The Organizer has the right to specify the required contact information of the Prize-winner, and the Prize-winner is obliged to respond to request requests within seven (7) calendar days from the day they are sent.

4.3. Any personal information, including, without limitation, name, age, address (including postal code), telephone number and / or email address of the Participant (“Personal Information”) will be used (i) in connection with the Event, in which such Participant participates, (ii) for any purposes for which the Participant agreed to participate in the Event, (iii) in the manner prescribed in these Regulations. Personal information will not be disclosed to any third party, except when it is necessary for the presentation of the Prize, as well as cases where such disclosure is required by law.

4.4. The organizer may issue the following types of prizes:

Prize type  Procedure for awarding prizes 
Material prizes (including stationery; T-shirts; telephones; tablets) The prize is to be sent to the Prize-winner’s mailing address. The Organizer undertakes to send within sixty (60) calendar days from the date of publication of the results. From the moment the prize is sent, the Organizer’s obligation to issue the prize is considered fulfilled.
Digital Content (may include
(i) Tankoins;
(ii) virtual in-game items;
(iii) time-limited premium membership Premium Accounts)
  • In-game resources are credited to the Prize-winner’s account within seven (7) calendar days from the day the results are published.
  • If premium account time is given to the Prize-winner as a prize, then it becomes active from the moment it is credited to the player’s account.

4.5. The specific list of prizes is determined in the Announcement of the Event. The appearance of the prize (in terms of color and other aesthetic features) may differ from that presented in the Announcement.

4.6. If, due to any circumstances, the Organizer cannot provide any of these prizes, the Organizer reserves the right to award another prize of equivalent or greater value. All prizes, with the exception of in-game resources used exclusively in the Game, are subject to additional rules and conditions of the manufacturer, supplier or partner of the Event. Such rules and conditions are not within the Organizer’s control.

4.7. Prize-winners agree that the Organizer, the Organizer’s employees, as well as partners and prize providers, are not responsible for the Prize-winner not receiving the prize awarded as part of the Event and sent according to the data indicated by such Participant. Subsequent use of prizes is exclusively in the area of ​​responsibility of the Prize-winners. Prizes are subject to the compliance of the Prize-winners with any and all relevant laws, rules and regulations, as well as these Rules and the provisions of the Announcement of the Event.

4.8. In cases stipulated by the law, it is the Prize-winner’s sole responsibility to pay all taxes and other existing mandatory payments related to receiving the prize.

4.9. No cash equivalent or alternative will be provided for the prizes and they are not redeemable for cash.

4.10. If the conditions and terms specified in these Rules and the Announcement of the Event are met, the Organizer, after announcing the results of the Event, will hand out the prizes.

4.11. The Organizer’s obligation to transfer the prize is considered fulfilled at the time the prize is transferred to the courier or delivery service. If the prizes sent by the Organizer are lost or damaged due to the fault of the courier or delivery service, the Organizer is not responsible for the loss or damage of the prizes sent. In cases where the prize does not reach the prize-winner or is damaged during delivery, the prize-winner may appeal to the Organizer to consider issuing an in-game equivalent of the prize. The Organizer reserves the right to make the unilateral decision to grant such a prize, and will respond to the prize-winner’s request within seven (7) working days. The amount of the prize issued is determined by the Organizer on a per-case basis. The decision of the Organizer is not subject to appeal.

4.12. If the conditions of these Rules and the Announcement of the Event are not met, the Organizer considers such behavior of the Prize-winner as a refusal to receive the prize. In case of refusal of the prize, there will not be a re-drawing.

  1. Use of Personal Information 

5.1. By participating in the Event (Section 2.4 of the Rules), the Participant agrees to the processing of personal data in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy and cookies In particular, the Participant agrees:

  • to the publishing of their nickname in the Event results announcement, including that indicated in their personal account on the Site, in social network accounts;
  • to the transferring of their , first name, last name and contact information (email address, phone number) to partners, if necessary, for the award.

5.2. If the Member does not agree to the processing of their personal data for the indicated purposes, they need to specify this request in writing to The email must contain the personal data and a list of reasons for which the Participant does not agree to the processing. In the absence of the right to process the personal data of the Participant, the Organization has the right to unilaterally without any sanctions refuse to fulfill its obligations to issue a prize.

Attention: without the Participant’s consent, the Organizer has no right to process personal data, thus, the Organizer is unable to award said Prize-winner with the prize.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

6.1. By participating in the Event and posting their submission to the Competition, the Participant agrees to transfer to the Organizer the right to use the posts, videos, photos, texts and other forms of content submitted for the Competition by the Participant as part of their participation in the Competition, for an unlimited period and worldwide usage, with the right to grant these rights to third parties, from the moment of submitting the Competition works in the manner provided for by these Rules, without the requirement to pay any remuneration, as well as allowing the use of competitive works for advertising purposes in perpetuity, without further compensation, or the need for any further permission.

6.2. Each participant guarantees that they are the author (co-author) of the Competition works and / or their legal copyright holder, and that such materials do not violate the rights of the other Participants or any rights of third parties (including copyright and other rights). In the event that facts of violation of the rights of third parties are revealed, the participant fully assumes the responsibility associated with such violation, in accordance with applicable law, and in the event that claims of third parties are presented to the Organizer, the Participant will compensate for the damage and losses.

6.3. By posting the Competition works, the participant thereby agrees that these will be made public to an unlimited number of persons through publication on the Site and other information platforms owned by the Organizer.

6.4. Works submitted for the Contest that were not awarded with a prize will not be returned to the Participants.

  1. Final Provisions

7.1. If there is a conflict between the terms of these Rules and the provisions of the Announcement of the Event, the latter will take priority.

7.2. The Organizer reserves the right to independently make decisions on all issues related to the Event and resolve disputes at its discretion. The organization is unilaterally entitled to amend the Rules. Such changes shall enter into force on the day a new version of the Rules will be published.

7.3. The Organizer has the right to decide not to award the Prize to the Participant if the Participant does not comply with the conditions and restrictions provided in these Rules, as well as in the Announcement of the Event; So the Organizer has the right to remove the Participant from participation in the Event without prior notice in the following cases (the list is not exhaustive):

7.3.1. suspicion of using any automated systems to participate in the Event;

7.3.2. use of multiple accounts by the same Participant;

7.3.3. publication of comments containing insult, provocation, monosyllabic and meaningless phrases, duplicate phrases, spam and advertising, negative representation of the brand and / or products, violation of moral and ethical standards (at the discretion of the Organizer).

7.4. For issues related to the Event, the Participant has the right to contact the Support Service at the following email address:

7.5. Claims of the Participants related to participation in the Event are accepted by the Organizer for consideration within fifteen (15) days from the day the results are announced.

7.6. The Organizer is not responsible for any delay in performance or partial or full failure to fulfill obligations to the Participants, and / or their parent (s) / legal representative (s) in accordance with these Rules, if this delay or non-performance is a consequence of circumstances beyond the control of the Organizer.

7.7. All disputes arising are resolved in accordance with the applicable legislation.