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Purchasing Crystals and Premium Account

In order to buy crystals or Premium Account time, you need to:

1. Log in and choose a server.

2. Click on the Shop button on the Account Panel (the bar where you can see your rank, crystals, etc.). Please make sure that your country corresponds to the country chosen inside the Shop. Mismatch of countries may cause payment declines.

3. You will be then redirected to the Payment page. There, you will see all the items you can purchase.

new shop Step1_EN

4. Choose an item you wish to buy. This will redirect you to a window where you will be able see all of the payment methods available to you

new shop Step2_EN


Below you can find links to guides on how to make purchases using the available payment methods. Each method is presented as a different topic for your convenience.

Credit Cards
Online Banking
Prepaid Cards