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Rules of conducting The Competition «Assemble a tank»


  1. General information 
2. Contest“Assemble a tank”
3. Contest website
4. Dates of the ContestFrom September 1st 2 AM till September 18th 2 AM (inclusive). Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+0)
5. The Organiser of the ContestAPL Publishing Ltd, a Cypriot corporation with company registration number HE 424713 having its registered address at Neofytou Nikolaidi & Kilkis, 35, Flat/Office 312, 8011 Paphos, Cyprus
  1. For the purposes of the Rules, the following definitions should apply:  Section 3 of the Licensing Agreement [], Section 1 of the General Rules for Promotions and Contests [], as well as the following Terms and Definitions.
  2. By performing actions aimed at participating in the Contest, you agree with: 
  3. These Rules of the Contest and that you are obliged to follow them;
  4. That The Organiser will not reimburse your expenses on taking part in the Contest.
  1. Terms and Conditions for Contest Participation 
Participant11. To participate in the Contest you must be:
12. a legally capable physical person;
13. a User of the Game;
14. an owner of the Event Pass.
  1. Participatory mechanism 
  2. Participant after purchasing Event Pass:
  3. gets access to Special missions
  1. completes Special missions
  1. receives Boxes for completing Special missions. 1 Box = 1 Tank Part. Boxes can also be purchased in the Shop in the Game. Participant can receive multiple units of a Tank Part of the same color and type, more details in Section 4 
  1. collects Tank Parts in Inventory 
  1. uses units of Tank Parts to unlock Tank Parts on the Blueprint
  1. If Participant unlocked all Tank Parts of the same color on the Blueprint, the Tank is considered unlocked and the Participant is considered a Winner. 
  1. Peculiarities of exchanging Tank Parts
24. What can be exchanged?Participant can exchange a Tank Part for another Tank Part of the same color or of the same type
25. What cannot be exchanged?If Participant used a unit of Tank Part to unlock this Tank Part on a Blueprint, the Participant cannot use this unit of Tank Part for exchange purposes. However, if the Participant has more than one unit of this Tank Part, they can use other units for exchange purposes
26. Who can participate in exchanges?Exchange is allowed between Participants
27. How to create an exchange offer?The Participant can press the «Create an exchange offer» button. Next, the Participant chooses which Tank Part they want to give and which they want to receive. The Tank Part that the Participant gives and Tank Part that the Participant wants to receive must be either of the same color or of the same type. Then Participant presses the “Create” button and receives a unique link to their exchange. Participant gives this link to another Participant. If another Participant has the Tank Part that the first Participant needs, they can press the “Agree” button and the Tank Parts will be exchanged. For creating an exchange offer, the initiating Participant is debited with game currency in the amount of 50 Tankoins.
28. Is number of exchanges limited?The number of available exchanges per game day is shown on the Contest Site.One game day = from 2 AM UTC of the current day till 2 AM UTC of the next day. 
  1. Rewarding the winners
  2. Rewarding the winners takes place on September 19th, 2023. 
  3. Prizes: Titan SP Skin, Driver augment for Hopper, Driver augment for Wasp, Skin Container x1, Ultra Containers x15
  4. The list of prizes is the same for all Participants, but the distribution of prizes between Blueprints on Contest Site is determined based on Participant’s permanent game account ID. Thus, two Participants can receive different prizes for unlocking the Tank Blueprint of the same color.
  5. The Organiser has the right to take the decision to refuse the Participant delivery of the Prize in the case of violations of the conditions and limitations provided by these Rules and conditions of the Licensing Agreement. 
  6. In case of fraud attempts (including violation of the Game Rules in order to obtain Boxes and Tank Parts), Participants may be disqualified without the right to appeal, and the Participant’s game account may be blocked.
  1. Other conditions 
  2. Regarding any questions associated with the running of the Contest, contact the Customer support via email: We accept questions during the Contest and for 30 days after the date of the announcement of the Winners.
  3. The rules might be amended. Information about any amendments to the Contest Rules is delivered through publishing information on the Contest Website. If the Participant continues their participation in Contest after amendments to the Contest Rules, it is recognized as their consent with such amendments.
  4. In matters of regulation that have not been covered by these Rules, the Organizer and Participants will conform to General Rules for Promotions and Contests []
  1. Glossary
40. PassAn in-game item, purchased by Participant, that unlocks access to take part in the Contest.
41. Special missionSpecial mission – an in-game task, that is available to the Participant of the Contest after purchasing Event Pass, that is to be completed in the game and the Participant receives a Box for completing it.
42. BoxAn in-game currency that the Participant can get for completing Special missions, or by purchasing in the Shop in the Game.
The drop rate is the same for all Tank Parts.
43. Tank PartAn out-of-game item that the Participant receives for opening a Box on the Contest Site. Tank Parts differ in type and color. Color and type of Tank Part are determined randomly.
44. BlueprintAn image of a Tank, requiring five parts of a tank of the same color.
45.TankUnlocked Blueprint.
46. InventoryList of Tank Parts received by Participant that have not yet been used to unlock a Tank Part on Blueprint, and have not been used to make an exchange offer.

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