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eSports in Tanki Online

20 June, 2024
Let’s discuss what eSports is and how to participate in it.
eSports — a term used to refer to competitions in games. In Tanki Online eSports, there are two main tournaments: Summer Major and Winter Major.

Everyone can participate in them! To do so, you need to participate in rating tournaments.

Quick start

First you need to find or create a team and register for a tournament on the eSports website. Check the registration dates of rating tournaments on the official platforms (January to April, July to October).

Before joining a team, you must know the tournament rules:

Attention! For every tournament there are not only general rules, but also individual tournament rules which you can read on its own page.

Team search

How to join a team if you aren’t in one:

First option

Go into the “Recruitment” section, then press the “I am looking for a team!” button.

On this page you can apply to join a team and see applications from others looking for a team.

Fill out the player application that pops up.


The only thing left is to check for team invites on the website and for personal messages on Discord.

Second option

Searching for a premade team you want to be in.

This time in the same “Recruitment” section of the website, you can check out available teams to join. If you find a team you are interested in, you can click the “Apply to the team” button after entering the team’s profile.

Fill out the team application that pops up.


Once you send your application, you will have an opportunity to chat with a leader of the team on the website.

If you already know a name of the team you want to apply to, you may find its profile on the website using the search field in the «Teams» section.

Third option

If you don’t want to find a team, you can make one yourself.

As a leader of the team you can make an application inviting players to your team.

Fourth option

Our official eSports Discord server.

A few things that can help you to decide which team you need:

Teams may decline you without telling you the reason. If you weren’t accepted into a specific team, you can always apply to another one. Once you get accepted, listen to the team leader and attend team training sessions.

If your team has a certain number of points in rating tournaments and is 24th place or higher in total rating, you will be able to participate in the main Major tournament.

For that you also need to check the tournament announcements, register the team on the eSports website and wait for the start of the games.


In rating tournaments you receive not only points, but also in-game rewards: crystals, tankoins, epic keys and premium subscriptions.

First Place:

Second Place:

Third Place:

In main tournaments, you have a chance to fight for both in-game prizes and the prize money fund! You also still gain rating points for the next season.

Depending on your ranking in the main tournament, you can receive:


Protection modules:

Attention! All paints and protection modules are kept on your accounts until the start of the next similar tournament!

If you have any questions left, you can ask them by creating a ticket on the eSports website.

Please note that questions not regarding eSports are not answered.

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