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22 December, 2023
We recently closed submissions for the conversion of Containers to Keys. All the data has been successfully analyzed and the conversion has finally taken place! 

If you sent a request for the conversion on the special website, Keys have already been added to your account. During the conversion, we used this formula: for every 10 Containers, you receive 1 Key (after rounding up the number of Containers to the closest multiple of 10).

If you did not send a request for conversion, we have automatically opened all the Containers on your account. 

We remind you that you can earn Keys wherever you used to earn Containers from: 

Each type of Container has its own Key. 1 Key opens 1 Container. From a Regular Container, you can get a Key for an Ultra Container, which in turn can give you a Key to a Skin Container!

You can read more about the changes in the previous announcement about Keys.

Now you can accumulate Keys and open Containers any time you wish, always being sure that you’re getting up-to-date rewards.

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