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Container System update

21 September, 2023
The Container System in Tanki Online will be updated soon
All Containers will be either converted to Keys or opened automatically. The choice is yours.

What will change?

Now you will accumulate Keys, not Containers. Wherever you previously received Containers, you will now be receiving Keys: e.g. missions, challenges, and special offers.

Each Container type has its own Key, and 1 Key opens 1 Container.

Moreover, when you open a regular Container, there is a chance to get an Ultra Key. And when you open an Ultra Container, you may get a Skin Key.

Why is it needed?

Currently, Containers get old. With each new event, Containers become “Old Containers”, and we release new Containers with new content.

The thing is that once a new event comes, those “Old Containers” won’t give you the new items. This often confuses new players.

With this update, this problem will be removed. You can accumulate Keys and then open up-to-date Containers whenever you want.


You will have a month to express your consent to let your Containers be converted to Keys. After that, if you don’t agree to conversion, all Containers you have on your account will be opened.

The value of Keys is higher than Containers, so conversion occurs according to the formula: 10 Containers give you 1 Key, rounded up.

You can express your consent to have your Containers be automatically converted to Keys right in the game. To open the page, you need to click on the Keys announcement banner in the lower right corner in the Lobby.

Once again, if you do not express your consent to have your Containers be converted to Keys, all Containers you have on your account will be opened.

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