Ultra Weekend September 23rd – 25th

Hello, Tankers!


It turns out that the Challenge doesn’t end when you reach 3000 stars.


Recently, we challenged the bravest and the most courageous tankers by giving the new «Scorpion» turret to the players with the greatest number of stars and without the promised super prize.


The winners of the previous Challenge are:

  • Airat-1990 — 11947 stars
  • Devise — 9364 stars
  • CATAHA1975 — 8824 stars
  • Tema — 8666 stars
  • TTARJlAMEHT — 8008 stars
  • ziz — 7360 stars
  • Ryxo — 7200 stars
  • Deoniss — 6291 stars
  • Laboriose — 5922 stars
  • 412a — 5847 stars

Now we challenge the bravest tankers again! Players with the greatest number of stars at the end of the new Challenge will get the following prizes:

  • TOP-10 players without Scorpion will get the turret’s Mk1 modification
  • TOP-100 players will get 100 units of the «Battery» supply

The rules are simple: earn stars during the new challenge. 

May the most active players win!

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