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Hello, tankers!


What could be better on Valentine’s Day than making hearts? 


Take part in the heart-making contest «From the bottom of my heart»!


Your task will be to assemble a team and place your tanks in such a way that they make the shape of a heart. Take a screenshot of the result and send it to us.


Requirements to participate


In order to take part in the contest, you must meet the following requirements:

  • All participants in the screenshot must have the right paint equipped — those that are in the screenshot or the following themed paints: «In Love», «Red», «First Kiss», «Beating Hearts», «All you need is…», «First Love», «Pixel Heart». Entries with screenshots with other paints used will be disqualified.
  • You should take full screenshots, all nicknames should be legible and the shape of the heart should be clear.
  • A player can take part in one entry only.
  • It is forbidden to use alternative accounts to artificially increase the number of tanks in the heart. If even one additional account is used, the entry will be disqualified.
  1. Choose ONE member of your team to submit your entry.
  2. Upload your screenshot to the image hosting service (read more about how to upload images here).
  3. Send us the link via this special form.



All teams whose entries meet the requirements will take part in the prizes giveaway! Using a randomizer, we will choose 14 teams and award each participant of these teams with 14 000 crystals and 3 Containers.

Do not rush to complete the task just for the record. We want you to take part in the competition with all your heart and gather as many players as possible into your teams. Now it is especially easy to do so because you can create battles with huge rank limits in PRO Battles. We will choose 3 teams with the “biggest” hearts and award each participant of these teams with 3 days of Premium Pass. In case there are teams with the same number of players in the screenshot, we will choose the team that sent their entry earliest.



  • Deadline for submissions is February 20th, 3 PM UTC.
  • Results will be published on February 22nd during the day.

The contest is held in accordance with the General Rules for Promotions and Contests (


Love to all the participants!

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