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Hello, tankers!


The eSports in «Tanki» is in full swing: the 4th season of TankiSport 2021 is reaching the home stretch!


After several weeks of struggle, the following teams have reached the finals:

  • Team Pointers
  • Bulls
  • Stepbrothers
  • Carnage

There are only a few matches left to play before we know who will become the champion of the last tournament of the year and receive the exclusive paint «Champion», the unique protection module with 30% protection from all turrets and mines «Spectrum A», and a special prize which is given for the first time in the entire history of the game. Read about it below.

We have also prepared some entertainment for the fans — participate in the «Tanki Fund» and vote for your favorite teams to stand a chance to win great prizes!


Tanki Fund


The Tanki Fund is a Tankoins fund that will be divided among true eSports fans.

The Tanki Fund will be accumulated from December 6th 02:00 UTC till December 19th 17:00 UTC.
During this period, you can purchase 3 special offers in the Shop:


Special offer «Bronze»:

  • 1 Nuclear Energy 
  • 300 Repair kits
  • 300 units of Boosted Damage
  • 300 units of Boosted Armor
  • 300 units of Speed Boost
  • 300 Mines
  • 300 Batteries

Special offer «Silver»:

  • 50 Ultra Containers
  • 240 000 Crystals
  • 4 Finalists’ clan paints

Special offer «Gold»:

  • 150 Ultra Containers
  • 3 Nuclear Energy
  • «Crimson» Shot effect for Firebird
  • «Blood» Shot effect for Hammer
  • «Crimson» Shot effect for Ricochet
  • «Mysterious Red» Shot effect for Vulcan
  • «Crimson» Shot effect for Striker
  • «Blood» Shot effect for Railgun
  • «Crimson» Shot effect for Magnum
  • «Blood» Shot effect for Shaft

With every purchase of a special offer, we will add the following amount of Tankoins to the fund: for «Bronze» – 1000 Tankoins, for «Silver» – 3000 Tankoins, and for «Gold» – 7000 Tankoins.




Every time a million Tankoins are added to the Tanki fund, it will level up, and everyone who bought at least one special offer will receive additional prizes:

  • Level 1: Nuclear Energy +1
  • Level 2: Additional Protection Module Slot +1
  • Level 3: Containers +5
  • Level 4: Containers +5
  • Level 5: Containers +5
  • Level 6: Additional Protection Module Slot +1
  • Level 7: Ultra Containers +5
  • Level 8: Ultra Containers +5
  • Level 9: Ultra Containers +5
  • Level 10: Additional Protection Module Slot +1
  • Level 11: Skin Container +1
  • Level 12: Skin Container +1
  • Level 13: Skin Container +1
  • Level 14: Armadillo Protection Module
  • Level 15: Crisis drone

Tanki Fund distribution


This time we decided to do something special in support of the finalist clans: We will share 10% of the fund among the top three finalist clans, and 90% of the Tanki fund will be divided into equal parts among the participants of the giveaway*. 

We hope this news will raise the morale of the clans! Share your opinions with us; how do you like this change? Would you be willing to participate in eSports if we keep it in the future?

* The participants of the giveaway are the players selected by the randomizer among those who bought the event special offers. If a player has bought several offers, there is a chance that he will be included in the list of winners several times and will be able to receive several parts of the fund. 

The selection of participants will take place on December 22 during the day on our official YouTube channel. With every 8000 Tankoins added to the fund, we will add 1 participant to the giveaway. Therefore the number of participants in the giveaway depends on the size of the fund.

You can observe the growth of the fund and the number of participants in the giveaway on the special website. The fund will begin to grow only after the first purchase. So far, there are 0 Tankoins.




You can cheer for your favorite teams not only during the official live broadcasts, but also right in the game!

From December 14th 02:00 UTC until December 19th 17:00 UTC, earn stars in matchmaking battles, vote for your favorite teams, and receive prizes.

On match days, from 02:00 UTC until 17:00 UTC, you will need to go to the special website and cast your vote for the winner of the match on the same day.

Requirements for voters to receive prizes:

  • Earn at least 100 stars (from December 6th 2:00 UTC until December 19th 17:00 UTC);
  • Pass authentication on the special website.

IMPORTANT: players who use Google, Facebook, or any other social media authenticators to enter the game will be able to take part in the event only after receiving a password from our support team (

IMPORTANT: You can start voting for your favorite teams on the very first day of the tournament finals. However, your votes will not be counted and prizes will not be awarded if you do not collect 100 stars by December 19th 17:00 UTC.


By guessing the outcome of the matches correctly, you can get:

  • 3 accurate guesses – 3 containers
  • 4 accurate guesses – 4  containers
  • 5 accurate guesses – 5  containers
  • 6 accurate guesses – 6  containers

How to vote:

  • Select a clan by clicking on its logo in the “Vote” section on the special website;
  • Confirm your choice.

Important: after you have pressed the “Confirm” button, your choice will be saved and cannot be changed.


Dates for each of the upcoming matches:

  • 14.12 Upper Bracket Semi-Final
  • 15.12 Upper Bracket Semi-Final
  • 16.12 Lower Bracket Minor Final
  • 17.12 Upper Bracket Final
  • 18.12 Lower Bracket Final
  • 19.12 Grand Final

All prizes will be awarded on December 22nd during the day.

Join our live streams every day at 17:00 UTC to see what is happening in the eSports arena, find out how the events unfold in the final of the competition, and get the opportunity to win bonus promocodes.

The event is held by APL Publishing Ltd. online on the site, in accordance with the General Rules for Promotions and Contests (

The promotion is of an advertising nature and is not a lottery nor any other risk-based event. It does not require payment of participation fees.