Ultra Weekend January 14th – 16th

Hello, tankers!


eSports news: TankiSport 2021 Season III is nearing the home stretch!


After battling for weeks through the qualifying tournaments and the group stage, Team Pointers, Bulls, Stepbrothers, and Merciful proceeded to the finals.

Now, just a few matches remain before we find out who will become the champion of the prestigious TankiSport 2021 Season III tournament and earn the prized Acid paint together with the unique protection module with 20% resistance from all turrets and mines.

To gather support for this tournament, we have prepared something interesting for you. In addition to the tournament, we will be holding not one, but two events with even more amazing prizes. Take part in the Tanki Fund and vote for the best teams!


Tanki Fund


«Tanki Fund» is a fund of tankoins. Every themed special offer purchased will contribute towards the size of this fund. After the end of the event, we will be giving away this fund among the participants*.

There will be two stages of the Tanki fund from 2 AM UTC September 11 till 3 PM UTC September 26. Let’s take a closer look:

First Stage — from 2 AM UTC September 11 till 2 AM UTC September 21. During this stage, there will be 4 special offers available in the Shop, each containing a fan paint of one of the top teams.


Special «Team Pointers» offer:

  • «Team Pointers» fan paint
  • 15 ultra containers

Special «Bulls» offer:

  • «Bulls» fan paint
  • 15 ultra containers

Special «Stepbrothers» offer:

  • «Stepbrothers» fan paint
  • 15 ultra containers

Special «Merciful» offer:

  • «Merciful» fan paint
  • 15 ultra containers

Second stage — from 2 AM UTC September 21 till 3 PM UTC September 26. The previous 4 offers will be removed from the Shop and will be replaced with a special new «eSports Tanki Fund» offer:

  • «Eternity» paint
  • 15 containers

By buying any of these special offers, you instantly get two bonuses:

  1. In-game items: a paint and 15 containers or ultra containers;
  2. A chance to win a lot of tankoins.

You may purchase as many special offers as you want. The more you buy, the more chances you have to get a share of the Tanki fund!

Important: The paints will remain on player accounts after the end of the event. 


Tanki Fund Prizes


Every offer purchased adds 1000 tankoins to the fund. With every 8000 tankoins in the fund, the number of participants of the giveaway is increased by 1.

Participants* of the giveaway will receive equal shares of the fund, and some of you will be able to become a real Tankoin tycoon in an instant.

* participants of the giveaway are players randomly chosen among those who bought the themed special offers. We will choose participants live on a stream, which will happen at 2 PM UTC on September 29. The number of participants depends on the number of special offers purchased.

You can track the number of participants and the number of tankoins in the fund on the special website. The number of tankoins will be updated as soon as the first purchase is made; right now it shows 0 tankoins.


Tanki Fund Bonus


In case a clan wins, and you have bought the special offer containing the paint of the clan, you will get a bonus of 3 days of Premium Pass. In case you buy all the special offers, you are guaranteed to receive the bonus of 3 days of Premium Pass.


Prizes for voting


That’s not all. Got a favorite team for a specific match? You can not only cheer for it during livestreams, but also vote on the match results!

Starting from 21st to 26th of September, earn stars in matchmaking and vote on the match results every day and get prizes!

Enter the special website on the day of each match and vote for one of two teams starting from 2 AM UTC till 5 PM UTC. There will be 6 tough matches, one per day.

If in at least 3 out of 6 matches a team you vote for wins, you will get:

  • In 3 out of 6 matches, a team you vote for wins – 3 containers
  • In 4 out of 6 matches, a team you vote for wins – 4 containers
  • In 5 out of 6 matches, a team you vote for wins – 5 containers
  • In 6 out of 6 matches, a team you vote for wins – 6 containers

Requirements to vote. You have:

  • Earned not less than 100 stars from 2 AM UTC September 21 to 2 AM UTC September 26.
  • Completed authentication on the special website.

Important: Players who use Google, Facebook, or other social media handles to enter the game will only be able to take part in the event after receiving a password via help@tankionline.com. 


How to vote:

  • Choose a clan by clicking on its logo in the “Vote” section on the special website.
  • Confirm your choice.

Important: After you clicked on the “Confirm” button, your choice is saved and cannot be changed.


Here are the dates for each of the upcoming matches:

  • 21.09 Semi-finals of the upper bracket
  • 22.09 Semi-finals of the upper bracket
  • 23.09 Pre-finals of the lower bracket
  • 24.09 Finals of the upper bracket
  • 25.09 Finals of the lower bracket 
  • 26.09 Grand finals

All the prizes will be sent after the end of the tournament, on September 28.


Join our livestreams every day at 17 UTC during the event to see the action and find out who won bright and early while snagging a couple bonus promo codes.


The contest is held in accordance with the General Rules for Promotions and Contests (https://tankionline.com/en/general-rules-contests-promotions/).

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