Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th


  • Event: July 2021 Challenge Part I
  • Starts: Thursday, July 1st at 02:00 UTC
  • Ends: Friday, July 16th at 02:00 UTC
  • Duration: 15 days



Summer challenges continue! The new one starts tomorrow (Thursday, Jul 1st).


We remind you that we have implemented some changes to our Challenge activities.


Silver tier


More Containers, crystals and a day of premium account have been added to the prizes to the silver tier. All of them are available for free, including the last one – 100 Tankoins.


Gold tier


Gold tier prizes are available only for Battle Pass owners. The price of the pass was increased and so were prizes. Now you can get even more Tankoins as well as expensive and unique augments.

We have also updated the last reward in the Gold tier. If you already had all the skins, previous challenges would give you crystals, but now you will get Tankoins.


Top prizes of the Gold tier:

  • New skin container
  • Firebird’s «Compact fuel tanks» augment
  • Hunter’s «Stun Immunity» augment
  • Dictator’s «Stun Immunity» augment
  • Striker’s «Stunning Missiles» augment
  • Animated and regular paints



There is also a new regular paint to snatch up:

Area 52


Battle Pass


As previously mentioned, to get prizes of the Gold tier you need to have Battle Pass. Despite its price increase to 1500 Tankoins, you can get up to 1000 Tankoins back if you complete all the steps of the challenge and if you have all the skins. Moreover, now you can get augments which were previously only available from Ultra Containers. We haven’t just increased the price of Battle Pass but increased the overall sum of prizes you may get out of it and changed the price to meet the rarity of items the Gold tier gives you.




As the prize pool of the both tiers got a buff we also increased the number of stars you need to get in order to complete the challenge to 4000 stars.

Stars can be earned in 2 ways. The first is by finishing Matchmaking battles – when a battle finishes, players who were in it will receive a number of Stars based on their position on the final scoreboard, and whether their team won or lost (this does not apply to solo battle modes such as JGR and DM).

The second way to earn stars is by completing Missions. For each daily mission you complete, you will receive 30, 50, or 70 stars, and for each weekly mission, you will receive 100, 150, or 200 stars.

In addition, mobile players have a unique way to earn stars, called “micro-missions”. These are easier missions in battle, such as dealing damage, capture a flag/ball/points, or killing enemy tanks, but in exchange, mobile players get no stars from their position on the scoreboard after finishing battles.


How to complete the challenge faster


You can always snatch a Stars Bundle from the Shop and give yourself a nice boost. Don’t let those cool top tier rewards slip through your fingers!

And with Premium Pass you will receive twice as many stars for each battle!

And as requested, we have returned the Premium Pass + Battle Pass bundle which will be available in the Showcase within 5 days from the start of the challenge.


So, log into the game on Thursday (July 1st) and start collecting those Stars!

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