Ultra Weekend January 14th – 16th

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen!

Although the February 14th is not marked in red on the calendar, it can safely be marked in pink – the color of love, tenderness and care. This is the day, when couples spend all their free time with each other; and those who are still just looking for their berth, decide on truly desperate steps to win their soulmate.

You can find a mate in “Tanki”! After all, to spend your time in the game with twice as much fun, when the fearless cavalier rushes into the base of the opponents, and after him, like a stone wall, runs a fragile, but a tough lady.

In honor of this romantic fest, we launch the traditional “Tanki Couples” contest!

So, first thing first:
Your task is to make a full-screen in-game screenshot with your significant other. The nicknames of both participants of the couple must be clearly visible in the screenshot.

Both contestants’ tanks must have the Valentine’s Day paint equipped.

The finished screenshot must be uploaded to any photo hosting website (e.g. imgur.com), and the link must be sent to the special form

IMPORTANT! A player can only be in one pair, and only one screenshot will be accepted from each pair. If there is a nickname in a pair of a tanker who has already participated in the contest earlier, with another pair, this nickname will not be counted in the second pair.


All tankers who correctly fulfill the conditions of the contest will receive 140 stars, which will allow you to pass 2 levels of the challenge at once!

We will also randomly choose a few lucky contestants and their mates from among all participants, who will receive one of the following prizes:  

  • «Love camo» Animated Paint
  •  500 tankoins
  • «Sun» Isida shot effect
  • «Pink» Firebird shot effect
  • «Purple» Striker shot effect
  • 14 ultra-containers
  • 14 containers
  • 14 coinboxes
  • 4 days of premium subscription
  • 14 gold boxes
  • 14 000 crystals


  • Screenshots are accepted until 02:00 UTC on February 17.
  • The results will be published on February 19th during the day. 

The contest is held in accordance with the General Rules for Promotions and Contests (https://tankionline.com/en/general-rules-contests-promotions/).

Love to all!

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