Ultra Weekend January 14th – 16th

Hello, tankers!

It is always fun to catch gold boxes, but having the chance to capture the excitement of the gold box falling and enjoy it over and over again is simply priceless.


Want to create those amazing memories and win some crystals at it? Then we’ve got the perfect contest for you – participate in “Selfie Gold Box”!


All you need to do is capture a screenshot of your tank together with the festive Gold Box, upload it to an image hosting service, and send us the link via this special form.


Before you submit, make sure your screenshot meets the following conditions

  • Your tank must have the “Holiday” paint equipped.

  • You must take a full screen screenshot – make sure that your nickname* and the gold box is clearly visible.

* — Since it is impossible to capture a screenshot with date and time in the mobile version of the game, we also accept screenshots without a timestamp.


Well, what about the prizes? After the contest concludes, we will randomly choose 23 winners from all eligible participants, who will win a prize of 23 000 crystals and 5 days of premium.

  • Entries will be accepted until February 28th at 20:59 UTC.
  • The results will be published during the day on March 3rd.

This contest is held under the General Contest Rules. (https://tankionline.com/en/general-rules-contests-promotions/).

Best of luck – we hope to see your perfect snaps soon!

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