New eSports 2022. First qualifying tournament


The Iron Days are coming up with its sackful of discounts, bundles, double funds, special events, decorations and much, much more! 


During the Iron Days event, participate in the Crystallizer Contest and win exciting prizes!


To participate, get the biggest chunk of fund in a matchmaking battle and take a screenshot of the battle results screen (full-screen with your nickname visible in the game interface, system date and time stamp*) and send it to us! 

* — Screenshots from the mobile version of the game are accepted without system date and time stamp.

This time we will hold the contest in three categories based upon ranks:

  • Master Sergeant — Second Lieutenant
  • First Lieutenant — Major General
  • Lieutenant General — Legend

Upload your screenshot to any image hosting (e.g. or  ( and send it to us via this form.

In the form, you need to enter a link to the screenshot, the number of earned crystals including bonuses (if there are any), and choose your rank category.


Terms and Conditions

  • Only screenshots taken and sent during the period between 02:00 UTC on February 20th and 02:00 UTC on February 26th will be accepted.
  • 1 player – 1 screenshot. If for some reason you submit multiple screenshots, only your first submission will be considered. Therefore, we recommend that you play, accumulate screenshots, choose the one with the maximum number of crystals, and then send it to us before the deadline.

We will choose 5 winners who have earned the most crystals in each rank category, and will award them with the following prizes: 

  • 1st Place — 23 000 Crystals, 23 Containers, 500 Tankoins 
  • 2nd Place — 20 000 Crystals, 20 Containers, 400 Tankoins
  • 3rd Place — 15 000 Crystals, 15 Containers, 300 Tankoins
  • 4th–5th Places — 10 000 Crystals, 10 Containers, 200 Tankoins

We’ll also be having a giveaway** where you will have a chance to win one of the following cool prizes:

  • Animated «Diamond» paint;
  • «Dark Moon» shot effect for Freeze;
  • «Eclipse» shot effect for Hammer;
  • «Blue» shot effect for Railgun;
  • 7 days of Premium Pass;
  • 23 ultra containers;
  • 23 containers;
  • 23 weekly containers;
  • 23 gold boxes;
  • 23 000 crystals.

Results will be announced on March 1st, during the day.

The participants of this contest are also subjected to follow and comply with the game’s EULA and General Contest Terms and Conditions.


Let’s see who’ll get the biggest fund!

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