Ultra Weekend May 13th – 15th

Hello, tankers!


New Year’s celebrations are over, but it is too early to relax!


The Special Services Agency urgently assembles a squad to save the tankers from the January frost and heat up the activity in the game.
So, you have to gather your friends in “Tanki”, go into a battle and complete a number of special missions.
In addition, a shopping therapy will help against the past holiday’s yearning! Two special offers will be waiting for you in the Shop.


This event will start on January 15, 02:00 UTC, and end on January 25, 02:00 UTC.


And now, the details:


Special missions


Play in any matchmaking battles and get prizes!


  • Supermission «Battle-Scared Warrior»
  • Task: Complete «Cold and Calculating»,«Arctic Outside», «Warm Welcome» and «Scorched Earth» missions.
  • Prize: 6 ultra-containers


  • Mission: Cold and Calculating
  • Task: Destroy 800 tanks using Freeze
  • Prize: 2 days of Premium account


  • Mission: Arctic Outside
  • Task: Use the Viking overdrive 150 times
  • Prize: 2 days of Premium account


  • Mission: Warm Welcome
  • Task: Destroy 800 tanks using Firebird
  • Prize: 2 days of Premium account


  • Mission: Scorched Earth
  • Task: Use the Hornet overdrive 150 times
  • Prize: 2 days of Premium account


Special offers


Some profitable sets are just what you need.


Special offer «Cerberus»



  • 100 Ultra Containers
  • Animated Paint «Eruption»
  • Ultra skin for Hornet
  • XT skin for Firebird
  • Firebird Mk2
  • Hornet Mk2
  • «Compact Fuel Tanks» augment for Firebird
  • «Cold Immunity» augment for Hornet


Special Offer «Jotun»



  • 100 Ultra Containers
  • Animated Paint “Touch of Chill”
  • Ultra skin for Viking
  • XT skin for Freeze
  • Freeze Mk2
  • Viking Mk2
  • «Shock Freeze» augment for Freeze
  • «Heat Immunity» augment for Viking


And, of course, we did not forget about ultra-containers and coin boxes.
Take a break from the intense battles, open coin boxes and ultra-containers! Get unique skins, paints, augments, tankoins and more.




You can get cool prizes, including:

  • New “Crusader” hull
  • Elite XT skins for Crusader, Hopper and Ares
  • “Crisis” drone for those, who are in a need for speed
  • Crystals, supplies, goldboxes
  • Premium, common and rare paints
  • Augments for turrets and hulls, which can change the gameplay drastically
  • Coin boxes and skins

Ultra-containers will replace normal containers in the Shop for the whole event.




You can check the content of the coin boxes in the Wiki.
Lucky tankers, who get 100 000 tankoins – share the screenshot on the Forum!

Enter the game tomorrow and melt the ice with fire!

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