YouTubers VS Developers


Hello, tankers!

Starting from October 2nd 02:00 UTC, you will be able to buy the hovering «Hopper» hull, in the Garage for crystals.


Hopper is the result of our most fantastical ideas. This light-armored hull hovers above the ground thanks to its antigravity engine, and the explosive jumping unit allows Hopper to jump on every part of the map – into the killzone, onto a roof of a house, or straight onto an enemy’s turret.


The jump is triggered by activating your overdrive, which also stuns and ignites the nearby enemies.


After the official announcement, Hopper was available only for those who bought «Early Access» bundle or got it from Ultra Containers. You could meet the owners of this hull in the battles and check out its supermobility.


Now, every tanker can buy Hopper!


Enter your garage, purchase the new hull and discover new gameplay possibilities!


We remind you that you can get augments for Hopper from ultra-containers, as well as the exclusive XT skin, which lovers of luxury and individuality will enjoy.

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