Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Little green men are back, to win your hearts!


Tankers! We are happy to announce that soon, a delegation of aliens is expected to come to visit us – in the Tanki Online universe!


Let’s meet them with unprecedented warmth!


So, here are the details:

  • The celebration will last 5 days.
  • The delegation arrives (the beginning of the holiday) at 02:00 UTC July 1st.
  • The delegation flies back (the end of the holiday) at 02:00 UTC July 6th.


In the programme:


X2 boosted funds and experience


Do you feel how fast you rank up now? If yes, great, because it will be even faster during this event!

From July 1st 02:00 UTC till July 6th 02:00 UTC you will get twice more experience than now! As well as this, battle funds will be twice as much as the current summer rate!


More gold boxes! Meteor shower!


The weatherman said that from July 1st 02:00 UTC till July 6th 02:00 UTC we may expect Meteor showers in Tanki Online! In all matchmaking battles, instead of gold boxes, we will have meteorites falling from the sky. On meteor sites you will find cool gifts from our alien friends!


One of the main reasons for the aliens’ arrival is to provide joy and happiness to all tankers.

Therefore, we have increased the chance of gold boxes dropping in all matchmaking battles for the whole duration of the holiday!

Show your green friends what a gold race truly is!




What do we do when we travel abroad? We buy souvenirs!

Aliens are not an exception, they also like souvenirs.

So, from July 3rd 02:00 UTC till July 6th 02:00 UTC there will be sales in the Shop, Garage and on upgrades and their speedups.


  • Friday, July 3rd 02:00 UTC — July 4th 02:00 UTC
  • 30% off in the Shop on crystals, gold boxes and product kits.


  • Saturday, July 4th 02:00 UTC — July 5th 02:00 UTC:
  • 30% off in the Garage on turrets, hulls, modules, augments, drones, supplies (inc. batteries) and paints.


  • Sunday, July 5th 02:00 UTC — July 6th 02:00 UTC:
  • 30% off on micro-upgrades and 50% on their speedups.




Aliens love to open boxes. Let’s open them together!


For the full duration of the event, coinboxes will be available for purchase in the Shop. You can receive one of the following rewards:


  • 1 tankoin
  • 10 tankoins
  • 30 tankoins
  • 40 tankoins
  • 50 tankoins
  • 100 tankoins
  • 200 tankoins
  • 300 tankoins
  • 500 tankoins
  • 1 000 tankoins
  • 2 000 tankoins
  • 3 000 tankoins
  • 100 000 tankoins
  • 1 000 crystals
  • 2 000 crystals
  • 5 000 crystals
  • 15 000 crystals
  • 30 000 crystals
  • 30 speed boosts
  • 30 mines
  • 30 double armours
  • 30 double damages
  • 30 repair kits
  • 15 batteries


Special bundle


Many of you want to get more and pay less. Don’t worry!

From July 1st 02:00 UTC till July 6th 02:00 UTC tankers and aliens will be able to buy a special bundle containing the following items:


  • 5 containers
  • 300 of each supply (excluding Gold Boxes and Batteries)
  • 100,000 crystals


Special missions


A business trip is not a holiday. Our alien friends are bringing us special missions! For completing them, you will receive cool rewards!



  • Supermission: Humanoid
  • Task: Complete «Meteor shower», «Alien invasion», «Cosmic reload», «Warp-jump», «Area 51», and «Republic Datary» missions.
  • Reward: 5 days of Premium Pass






  • Meteor shower
  • Task: Catch 20 Gold Boxes in Matchmaking battles in any mode.
  • Reward: 50 repair kits






  • Alien invasion
  • Task: Destroy 333 tanks in Matchmaking battles in any mode.
  • Reward: «Toxic» shot effect for Striker






  • Cosmic reload
  • Task: Activate Overdrive 150 times in Matchmaking battles in any mode.
  • Reward: 50 of each supply





  • Warp-jump
  • Task: Use 700 «Speed Boost» supplies in Matchmaking battles in any mode.
  • Reward: 10 pit-stop boxes




  • Area 51
  • Task: Be in the winning team of 51 battles in the «Assault» matchmaking mode.
  • Reward: «Invader» paint






  • Republic Datary
  • Task: Earn 100 000 crystals in Matchmaking battles in any mode.
  • Reward: «Space» paint



Themed Decorations


Green men want to add their contribution to the holiday decorations!

For all 5 days of the celebration, the appearance of drones will be changed to feature a UFO with an alien pilot, charging the owner with the power of space!

Also, enjoy the decorations:


  • A holiday-themed paint;
  • Holiday-themed billboards on all maps;
  • Special parachutes for drop boxes;
  • Holiday-themed gold boxes’ skin and drop zone.


Come into the game and don’t miss our annual meeting with the aliens!

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