Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Hello, tankers!


One more huge update is coming this week. With tomorrow’s servers restart, on April 30th, we’ll be changing Containers, updating Augments (up until now known as “Alterations”) for Turrets, and changing the Crystal fund mechanism of PRO battles.

Updated containers


The regular container has been replaced with a new one. In addition to all previous rewards, this one contains all Augments for turrets and hulls.

Augments for turrets as well as for hulls can no longer be bought from the Garage. The only way to get them is from containers.

Updated containers will be obtainable as rewards for weekly missions and challenges, and as drops during battles. They will also be purchasable from the Shop, just like they are now.

To see the list of all possible rewards, check the «Containers» section in the HTML5 version of the game.

Changes in characteristics of turret augments


This update also brings changes to the characteristics of turret augments.

More details in the patch notes.


Gear Score: Drones and Augments


The release of hull augments and the changes made to turret augments in this update, require some adjustments to Gear Score counting. Therefore, Drones will give from 59 to 599 Gear Score points, while augments for hull and turrets will give 100 points.

Changes in crystal fund mechanism of PRO battles


Quite a while ago, we disabled battle funds in private battles. The time has come to finally solve the problem of unfair battle fund boosting through the use of alternative accounts. We have decided to disable battle funds in clan and format battles. These modes are not for earning crystals but for improving your skills, so we hope that you will support us in this decision.
Funds in regular PRO battles and matchmaking battles will remain unchanged.


Enter the game tomorrow, open new containers and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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