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In last week’s V-LOG, we told you about how we’re about to release a brand new Juggernaut mode with a very unique feature — the turret and hull will be controlled separately by two players of the same team.


The announcement was met with excitement but also with skepticism at how such a mode will work.


Now, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be releasing the new mode this week, on Thursday, April 2nd at 02:00 UTC.


CLARIFICATION: This new JGR mode won’t replace the existing JGR mode. It will be a brand new, separate mode codenamed – Juggernaut Alpha Omega (JAO).


Upon release, we’ll also be publishing a very detailed page on the official wiki, explaining every single detail of the mode.


In the meantime, you can watch last week’s V-LOG (ep 246) and read below for the main points of this new mode.


Main Points:


  • Each team’s JAO will be controlled by two players of the same team
  • One will control the turret and will be handling all the firing
  • The other player will be responsible for movement and overdrive
  • Each player will only see that part of the interface for which he or she is responsible. So, the turret player will see the reload bar, and the hull player will see the health bar
  • The hull player will be responsible for using supplies, BUT, both players must have this supply in their inventory, otherwise it won’t work. Additionally, the supply will be consumed from both players’ inventories
  • Frags and experience points will be credited to both players equally
  • We’ll be implementing a voice chat feature that will be triggered as soon as the players are put in charge of the JAO
  • To help balance out the increased difficulty of this mode, each player will have a one-time special ability (similar to an Overdrive) with a 15 seconds duration. For the turret player, it will boost guided missile target acquisition by 10 times, and turret rotation by 3 times. For the hull player, the ability will boost armour by 10 times, accelerate overdrive charging speed by 5 times, and movement speed by 1.3 times. However, only one of the special abilities will be usable at any one time. So, if one player activates their special ability, and the second one activates it right after, the second one will cancel the first.


Additionally, with the launch of this mode, we’ll also be adding Special Missions with a unique reward, available only for a limited time.


Of course, such a complex mechanic needs extensive testing, which is impossible to achieve in a closed server. So, once we launch JAO, we’ll be actively monitoring the situation and making tweaks for balance.


Also, we want to assure you that we’ve been closely following the forum conversation on this new mode. We’re aware of the concerns about voice spam, language difference, and sabotage.


These are scenarios that we had already anticipated. Giving a detailed answer here is beyond the scope of this announcement, but here are the main points of how we’ll be tackling these concerns:


  • Voice spam – Players will have the option to mute the other player and report. Battle Mods will be on call and will take severe measures
  • No mic / language difference – We’ve prepared a selection of emojis that can be used instead. This are similar to the directions used in aircraft combat e.g. “3 o’clock” to indicate “to your right”
  • Sabotage – Idle timer will be extremely short


The full details on the points above will be in the dedicated wiki page mentioned above.


IMPORTANT: Due to the volume of work involved, JAO will only be available in the HTML 5 version of the game, and eventually in the Android version.


Get ready for an awesome time with Juggernaut Alpha Omega!

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