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Is there a “special someone” for you in Tanki Online? Then you’re going to love this contest.


«Tanki Couples»


From today till Feb 17th at 02:00 UTC, send us a screenshot of your tank together with its Tanki date, and you could win cool prizes!


IMPORTANT – Conditions for participating:


  • Your screenshot must contain your nickname, the nickname of the other tank in the picture
  • Both tanks must be wearing either the special festive paint for this event, or one of the Yin/Yang paints from this month’s conflict. And if one tank is wearing “Yin” and the other is wearing “Yang”, you will get an extra reward.
  • This contest is subject to the game’s EULA and General Contest Terms and Conditions..


Prizes for valid screenshots:


  • 3000 crystals for each member of the couple wearing the special festive paint

  • 5000 crystals for each member of the couple if one tank is wearing “Yin” paint AND the other is wearing “Yang”

IMPORTANT! Only one screenshot per one account is allowed.


  • Additionally, we will randomly pick ten screenshots and reward each member of the couple with one of the following prizes:
  • animated First kiss paint;
  • Crimson shot effect for Ricochet;
  • Coral shot effect for Twins;
  • Violet shot effect for Railgun;
  • 500 tankoins;
  • 14 containers;
  • 14 weekly containers;
  • 14 goldboxes
  • 7 days of premium subscription;
  • 14,000 crystals.


NOTE: Rewards will be assigned randomly.


Winners will be announced on Feb 19th.


So, get dolled up, take some hot screenshots with your better half, and submit your best one here: Submissions Form


Good luck!


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