Ultra Weekend January 14th – 16th

Hello, tankers!


One more huge update is coming with tomorrow’s server restart on February 21st at 02:00 UTC.


Vulcan reforged


In episode 239 of the V-LOG, we told you about our plans for reworking Vulcan. Now, it’s ready to be released, and will be launched in the game tomorrow.


The main technical change is that Vulcan now fires individual projectiles, each travelling individually at a specific speed, and subject to auto aim, range of damage and ricochet effect.


This means that if your opponent is trying to hide behind a shelter, you will be able to shoot the nearest wall and destroy them.


Such fundamental changes in firing mechanics have led to changes in other characteristics for the sake of balance. So, barrel startup time will be decreased, damage will be increased, and damage penalty during overheating will be removed.


Additionally, we’re adding the following effects:


  • sound of hitting a wall or a tank;
  • sound of a ricochet from inclined surface;
  • sound of a projectile flying close to your tank;
  • sound of a hit;
  • Visual fire and smoke while shooting.


Adding visible projectiles for Vulcan also allowed us to create shot effects for this turret.


Alterations for Vulcan


The changes in Vulcan also required changes in its alterations.


This is how they will change:


  • «Reinforced aiming transmission» — Removed turret slowdown penalty while firing
  • «Incendiary band» — Removed damage penalty, added projectile speed penalty. Each projectile heats the tank by 0,07% of maximum overheat temperature.
  • «Shooting speed regulator» — Now decreases firing rate by 15%. Changed startup and slowdown time penalty to 85% instead of  50% and removed time to overheat boost.


New HTML5 garage


The first window that you see when you enter the game is the Garage, and it’s long been overdue for a facelift. And here it is.


Now you can see your combo from any POV. You can even spin your drone, and move your tracks and turret.


Note that the new garage is only available in HTML5. The garage in the Flash and Android version will remain the same.


Other changes in HTML5


On a final note, we have fixed the behaviour of the damage from Striker’s explosion and cleaned out glitches in animated paints. We’ve also improved the readability of rank icons, improved Isida’s effects, and polished the battle creation interface.


Enter the game tomorrow and share your feedback with us on the forum.

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