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Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd


It’s time to celebrate courage, determination and camaraderie with your fellow tankers.


This year’s Iron Days event starts tomorrow (Friday, February 21st) at 02:00 UTC and will last for three days till Monday, February 24th at 02:00 UTC.


Here’s what you can expect:


Three days of discounts


We want to make sure you’re well equipped for victory. These discounts will help you stock your garage with quality equipment on the cheap.


  • Discount: 30% on Shop items – Crystals, Paints, Kits, Golds
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Starts: Friday, February 21st at 02:00 UTC
  • Ends: Saturday, February 22nd at 02:00 UTC


  • Discount: 30% on Garage items – Turrets, Hulls, Modules, Alterations, Drones, Supplies, Batteries
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Starts: Saturday, February 22nd at 02:00 UTC
  • Ends: Sunday, February 23rd at 02:00 UTC


  • Discount: 30% on Upgrades and 50% on Speed-ups
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Starts: Sunday, February 23rd at 02:00 UTC
  • Ends: Monday, February 24th at 02:00 UTC


Double Funds


Iron Days is all about proving your valor in battle. And valor should be rewarded. For the duration of the event, every matchmaking battle you complete will grant you 2X funds.




Fortune favors the bold, and a Coinbox could reward you with some really juicy loot, including a staggering drop of 100 000 Tankoins.


Special Activity (Saturday and Sunday)


Starting from 02:00 UTC on Saturday, February 22nd, till the server restart on Monday, February 24th, Solo Juggernaut returns for a special two day event on Temple MM with an increased Gold Box drop rate.


Extra Value Bundle


Discounts are great, but a good deal is always welcome. For the duration of the event, you can snatch this extra value bundle at a super sweet price. Here’s what it contains:


  • 5 Containers

  • 300 of each Supply (excluding Gold Boxes and Batteries)

  • 100,000 Crystals


New, time-limited Vulcan Bundle


In episode 239 of the V-LOG, we told you about some exciting changes that are coming to Vulcan. To celebrate its rebirth, we’ve got an amazing bundle just for you — The Big Freaking Gun Bundle.


This hot, time-limited bundle features three brand new items:


  • The “Mysterious Red” Vulcan Shot Effect

  • The “Rubberized Rounds” Vulcan Alteration

  • The Vulcan Ultra Skin


You can read the full details in the official release announcement.


Crystallizer Contest


Wanna have some extra fun? Participate in the Crystallizer Contest and win cool prizes during the three days of the Iron Days event.


Every valid entry will receive 2000 crystals, while the top places will also be getting up to 500 Tankoins as well as Containers. And there’s also a giveaway where you could win animated paints, shot effects and lots more.


Seriously. Go for it.


Themed decorations


Of course, it wouldn’t be a celebration without the appropriate decorations. So throughout the event we’ll be having themed flags, billboards, Gold Box skins and drop zones, and more.


So, get together with your battle companions and dive into the Iron Days event tomorrow (Friday, February 21st), starting from 02:00 UTC.

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