Ultra Weekend May 13th – 15th


Coinboxes are returning to the Shop for a limited time.


For the duration of our New Year 2020 event, you’ll be able to buy these special containers that will randomly drop a cool reward, including bundles of crystals or supplies, or even up to 100 000 Tankoins!

Here is the full and updated list of prizes:

  • Crystals x1000
  • Speed boosts x30
  • Mines x30
  • Double Armour x30
  • Double Damage x30
  • Tankoins x1
  • Crystals x2000
  • Repair kits x30
  • Batteries x15
  • Tankoins x10
  • Crystals x5000
  • Tankoins x30
  • Tankoins x40
  • Tankoins x50
  • Crystals x15000
  • Tankoins x100
  • Tankoins x200
  • Tankoins x300
  • Crystals x30000
  • Tankoins x500
  • Tankoins x1000
  • Tankoins x2000
  • Tankoins x3000
  • Tankoins x100000

We’ve also prepared a special animated paint for players who manage to get the legendary 100k Tankoins drop.


This is your last chance to get this exclusive paint.


After the festivities are over, we will hand out the paint (on 10th January 2020 during the day) to all those who got the big prize, and from then on, the paint will no longer be available anywhere else — not in Coinboxes, not in Containers, not it the Shop. Nowhere.

Coinboxes will be available in the Shop from 02:00 UTC on December 20, till 02:00 UTC on January 9.

Check them out, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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