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It’s time! With tomorrow’s server restart (Friday, November 15th) we’ll be rolling out a brand new look for the Shop in the new HTML5 and Android versions.


This new design will be more intuitive and easier to navigate, AND it will include the Showcase feature that we’ve been telling you about in the V-LOG. Plus, you’ll also find some nice bonuses in there!

Now, let’s have a look at the details.

The Shop will be divided into two parts: static and dynamic.


The dynamic part — The Showcase (upper part of the Shop)


On the left-hand side, you’ll see your special offers.

On the right, you will see a selection of cards. These will be randomly-generated and usually refreshed every 12 hours. In this section, you’ll be able to buy discounted items, and even get free deals!

Special offers are item bundles for sale at a special price. They can be bought for crystals, tankoins, or real money.

Some special offers can only be purchased once, and only one special offer will be featured in the showcase at any one time.

Cards — temporary offers on items at a special price.

The coolest thing in the Showcase — free cards with various items! These will occasionally show up in the Shop. If you see one, make sure you snatch it IMMEDIATELY before it disappears!

Some of the cards you see, will be exclusively available to you. A timer will show you how long a card or special offer will be in the Shop. The duration is usually 12 hours.

Check the Shop everyday and you’re guaranteed some great deals.

The static part


This part consists of the default Container bundles, Premium Pass, Coinboxes, Crystals, Gold Boxes, and in an upcoming release, also equipment kits.

Sales for special celebrations and events will show up in this part of the Shop.

ATTENTION: with the release of the Showcase, the «1500 Supplies» and «750 Batteries» bundles will be removed from all versions of the game. Additionally, the «100 Supplies» package will be removed from the Garage.

Instead of these packages, we will add special cards with Supplies packages to the Showcase (i.e. 300 of all Supplies, 1000 Speed Boosts, 1500 Batteries, and others).

To buy these bundles, visit the Showcase in the new HTML5 version by clicking this link.

Log into the game and check out all the new features tomorrow. And don’t forget to visit the Shop often for great deals!




If I have purchased a special offer once, will I be able to purchase it again?
That depends on the offer. Some can only be purchased once.

If I purchase a card, could it appear again?
Yes, such offers may appear multiple times. However, a card may appear again only after the previous such card has disappeared.

Why do I see closed shutters when I open the Shop? Is something broken?
No, everything is fine. There may be times when there are no special offers available.

I played and earned Crystals/Tankoins to buy a special offer, but it disappeared. What should I do?
There might be two reasons for this:

  • The offer has expired. Always check the timer to make sure you don’t miss an offer that you want to get.
  • You’ve ranked up. Some special offers in the Shop are only available for a limited rank bracket. If you level up and move out of that bracket, the offer will disappear.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do either way. You just have to wait for a new offer. But don’t worry. There will be a lot of them!

Is it possible for an offer to be in the Shop for more than 12 hours?
Yes, that’s possible. In fact, some offers may have a longer duration. You’ll know by looking at the timer.

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