Ultra Weekend January 14th – 16th



We’re half way through September.


Remember, the current WAR and Challenge end at 02:00 UTC on September 29th. There are a ton of cool rewards to be earned, including thousands of Crystals, Gold Boxes, Containers, tons of Supplies, Paints and Skins.


And for the first time ever, you can even earn Tankoins and an XT Container from the FREE Silver Tier!


Falling behind with your progress?


Don’t worry! You can get the special Stars bundle from the Shop, so you can fast-forward your progress, complete the Challenge and get all of the rewards in no time!


The bundle costs 20.99 EUR and contains 100 stars. And you can buy as many bundles as you wish.


IMPORTANT: The rewards for this month’s WAR will be sent out on September 30th, not on the 29th.


So, dive into battle and continue earning those cool rewards!

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