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Attention Tankers!


The world of Tanki is in danger! The hostile corporation AZAZACORP is planning a “smart” sabotage. With the introduction of Tankoins, they want to bring down the market of good old crystals on the exchange.


We need to get together and prevent this!


Let the “Demolition WAR” begin!


To participate, buy the temporarily “Demolisher” paint any time between August 1 to August  29 (server restart time).




To stop AZAZACORP’s evil plan, you must destroy their command center by completing missions. There are five missions available, and the more missions you complete, the bigger the reward.
And if you complete them all, you will get the cool new animated paint “Demolisher 2.0”.




Tasks and Rewards***


  1. Collect 50 “Nuclear Energy” supplies. Reward: 100 each supply*.
  2. Use Overdrives 100 times. Reward: 3 weekly container.
  3. Destroy 7000 enemy tanks. Reward: 30 000 crystals.
  4. Finish a battle in the TOP 3 of your team for 70 times. Reward: 10 gold boxes**.
  5. Deliver 100 flags in CTF mode. Reward: 3 regular containers.
  6. Special Task: Buy a Battle Pass. Reward: The “Destroyer” paint will remain in your Garage forever.


* Excluding batteries and Gold Boxes.

** Gold boxes require a minimum rank of Warrant Officer 1.

*** Rewards are not exchangeable.


IMPORTANT: The “Destroyer” paint is temporary. It has been released exclusively for this War. However, if you complete all 5 missions in the “Demolition WAR”, this paint will be converted into the “Destroyer 2.0” animated paint and will remain in your garage forever.


Moreover, if you complete all 5 missions PLUS the Special Mission (buying a Battle Pass), you will also receive a grand prize of 300 Tankoins!


If you still haven’t heard about Tankoins, you can read more about them here.


All rewards will be issued on August 29.


By the way, you can join the WAR at any time during the month. Just buy the “Destroyer” paint and all your accomplishments during August —even those from before you bought the paint— will count.


Check out the event website to follow your achievements and those of other players, including mission progress, prizes to unlock, and prizes earned.


And remember, WAR events always run in parallel with the monthly Challenge. Play, earn Stars, complete Challenge stages, and you’ll also be making progress in the WAR for more cool prizes.




02:00 UTC on August 1 — The event paint becomes available to buy, and the “Demolition WAR” kicks off. You can join at any time.

02:00 UTC on August 29 — The “Demolition WAR” ends, the event paint is no longer available to buy, and disappears from all garages (unless you complete the Special Mission mentioned earlier).

August 29 during the day — Rewards are given out.


Get ready to bring down the evil AZAZACORP in the Demolition WAR!

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