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We are pleased to announce that in the coming months we will be releasing a brand new currency in Tanki Online.


Why are we doing it? Read below to learn more.


Why do we need a new currency?


Tanki Online has been around for 10 years. Throughout that time, we’ve only had one currency — Crystals.


In the beginning, you could use Crystals to buy anything. You could earn them in the game, and if you wanted more, you could also buy them for real money.


Over time, we added exclusive items. These items can only be purchased for real money, and sometimes show up as event prizes.


We still kept one important principle — if an item influences gameplay, you should be able to get it by playing. But some special items such as new paints, skins and containers, broke the concept of, “You can get any item without paying real money”.


So we created Challenges as a way to allow players to earn exclusive content by playing. But this was just a partial solution.


The release of TO Mobile brought another obstacle — it is NOT possible to have Shop discounts. Mobile players are obviously unhappy about this. But it’s Google’s policy, and we have to stick to it.


Fortunately, there IS a solution.


It will be called… TANKOINS


What are TANKOINS?


To overcome the obstacles mentioned above, and preserve the exclusivity of certain items, Tanki needs an intermediary currency — a bridge between real money and in-game content, which can also be earned in the game.


This will be the role of TANKOINS.


TANKOINS will appear in the Shop and will become the main currency to buy items in the SHOP (not the Garage).


How will TANKOINS affect the game?


TANKOINS are set to bring some exciting changes to in-game content.


With the arrival of TANKOINS:


  • ANY content, including rare items, will be obtainable by playing. Yes, it will be difficult and time consuming, but it will be possible. The only exception is a Premium account, because it is NOT content, but rather, a service.
  • The issue with discounts in the mobile Shop will be solved. But here’s an important distinction. Discounts will be on the amount of TANKOINS needed to buy an item, NOT on the TANKOINS themselves. Discounts on TANKOINS will never happen.
  • Challenges and Weekly Containers will get new rewards.
    • TANKOINS will start showing up in Challenges, giving you a HUGE value boost. And the best part? They’ll be in the FREE tier! No need for a Battle Pass. You’ve long been asking for something new in the rewards. Here it is.
    • TANKOINS will also be dropping from Weekly Containers. Pop open a weekly container and you could get some TANKOINS.


A note on existing Weekly Containers


With the release of this feature, all of your accumulated Weekly Containers will be renamed to “Old weekly containers”.


TANKOINS will only drop from NEW weekly containers.


How will the release happen?


The new currency will be rolled out in 3 stages:


  • In the first stage, TANKOINS will only be bought and spent in the Shop. This will be a short period to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Once that is done, at the beginning of the FOLLOWING month, we’ll make it possible to earn coins in the silver tier in challenges, and from weekly containers.
  • The third stage will depend on the first two. In this stage, we will start adding areas where you can spend Tankcoins OUTSIDE the Shop.


The new currency will be a great reason to participate in activities. With their release, TANKOINS will also start showing up as contest rewards, themed challenges and other events.


TANKOINS are scheduled to be released soon. We’re looking at August, or even sooner.


What do you think about TANKOINS? Give your feedback in the forum!

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