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Tomorrow, April 11th, we’ll be implementing some changes in Vulcan’s balance, as well as making some tweaks on Drones and Alterations.


Here are the details:




With the update, Vulcan will deal 70% less damage when overheating due to prolonged firing.


Additionally, for all models, Vulcan’s barrels will take half a second less to reach maximum spinning speed, which means the turret will start firing sooner.


Why we’ve done this:


We’ve been aware of Vulcan’s issues for some time, but just reducing overheating damage wouldn’t have solved the problem fully. So we decided to change the mechanics of the turret itself.


We tried several options and decided to make the necessary changes to the overheating mechanic as described. This makes Vulcan a viable option on any hull.


In the near future, we might need to make further tweaks to this turret. We’ll keep monitoring the situation and listening to your feedback.






Incendiary band: Damage penalty increased from -10% to -20%.

Shooting speed regulator: Damage penalty reduced from -25% to -20%.




Missile launcher “Hunter”: Turret reloads faster by 40% after firing a volley.




Subcaliber Rounds: Removed the recoil penalty.




Rapid-fire mode: added a penalty of 15% on the rate of energy recovered after shots. That means that the tempo between shooting series is reduced.




All drones will have a new feature — a permanent boost of 1% to 5% to turret damage and hull defense. These buffs will only be active if the Drone has batteries. The presence of the Drone by itself is not enough.


“Driver” Drone: Recharge time increased from 12 to 20 seconds.


Supplies – Added 11th April


Now, Repair Kit, DD, DA, or Speed Boost have their respective visual effects when activated, which will show up on the tank at any distance. This will provide valuable tactical and strategic information for the attentive tanker.


Enter the game tomorrow and check out the update!

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