Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

TL;DR: Support one of two factions —Women or Men— and fight to win one of nine cool animated paints! Details below.




Event: Themed Challenge — Gender WAR

Duration: 27 days

Starts: 02:00 UTC on March 2 (tomorrow)

Ends: 02:00 UTC on March 29

Rewards: Choose one of nine animated paints (images below)




The first ever themed-Challenge —The Gender WAR— starts tomorrow.


Here are six very important things that you absolutely NEED to know about the event.




The WAR will be between two factions — Men and Women.




Just like other WARs, this one will be fought in Matchmaking battles.




The Gender WAR event will be using the SAME STARS you earn for the March Challenge. No extra effort is required.




To participate, you simply need to purchase one (only) of two Garage paints — Lady or Gentleman. This will determine which faction you’ll be supporting.




The two special Garage paints will be available to buy till 02:00 UTC on March 2nd (when the WAR starts officially).


That means you only have a few hours left to make your choice!




If your faction wins the war, and your Stars score is equal to (or higher than) the average Stars score for your faction, you’ll win one of nine cool animated paints.


You’ll need to pick your preferred prize from this special website (site will go live when the WAR starts officially).


Here are the nine paints you can choose from:



So, hurry up! Grab the Garage paint for the faction that you want to support, and get ready to plunge into a good old-fashioned WAR.


P.S. Read more about the Gender WAR event —including important Terms and Conditions— in the following links:


Detailed Gender WAR event announcement

Official forum discussion thread for the WAR — Includes detailed FAQ


Let’s see who’s stronger!


Good luck!

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