New eSports 2022. First qualifying tournament



We’re picking up the steam and are getting ready for the next update! With server restart on November 3rd at 02:00 UTC the long-awaited option to change the color of your shots will be added to the game and to the following turrets:


  • Firebird (standard — fire-yellow);
  • Freeze (standard — light-blue);
  • Isida (standard — crimson);
  • Twins (standard — green);
  • Ricochet (standard — orange);
  • Striker (standard — white smoke);
  • Railgun (standard — whitish);
  • Shaft (standard — red);

Now each of you can stand out in battles not only thanks to individual skill, but also because of the effective and colorful shots. Can you imagine multicolored balls coming from Twins or a bright shot from a Railgun? This is absolutely unheard of and looks very cool, and will for sure capture the attention of all players on the map! Make your tank more unique!

You will be able to get shot effects only from containers (“Epic” category, violet glow). If you got a shot effect, but you don’t have the turret that can equip it yet, the effect will remain in your Garage until you get the turret, and when you finally earn the required equipment, you will be able to apply the shot effect that you previously got right on it. To apply a shot color, choose the turret you need and pick the desired alteration in the information window. Shot effect can be equipped on a turret at the same time as an alteration and a skin (if you have missed the latest releases, a big pack of new alterations just came out).

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