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Did you manage to get the new drones already or complete one of the new daily missions? In the meantime, we’ve prepared the next big update! Tomorrow already, after 02:00 UTC October 31, 30 new gameplay alterations will be waiting for you in the game!


Many of you have personal experience how useful alterations can be: they give your tank new abilities, suited for your individual playstyle. Now, together with a set of brand new alterations, there will be even more options to customize your gameplay. By the way, alterations for Striker and Magnum are also coming.



We remind you, that you can purchase, equip and unequip alterations from the information window for each turret. There’s only one slot for equipping alterations: you need to choose, which specific alteration is more appropriate for the battle you’re in.


After the update alterations will become unlockable not with the turret modification, but upon reaching the required rank. The higher are rank requirements for an alteration, the more interesting mechanics does it have, but also, the more it costs. Also, the option to rent alterations will be removed from the game. You can buy alterations as usual, with crystals.


Alterations that were purchased before the update will, of course, remain in your Garage (please pay attention to the balance changes for some of them). And with the alterations that will be rented at the moment when the update is released, the situation is a bit complicated. These alterations will remain equipped until the end of the rent period, if they are equipped. In other case, and if after the update you will equip a new alteration in place of the rented one, the rented alteration will be gone.


The full list of alterations and balance changes will soon be posted on the Wiki.


Check new alterations out, choose your favorite and dominate the battlefield!

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