Ultra Weekend January 21st – 23rd



With server restart on October 16th a new update will be released in Tanki. We’ll update the turret balance for Twins, Shaft and Freeze, and will also slightly change the standard texture for the Holiday paint.


Turret Balance Changes




The full-reload time for the ammo tank will be increased by 1 second. Now the ammo tank for the turret will be replenished to the max in 9 seconds, and not in 8.




Disadvantages: projectile speed will be significantly reduced (by 1.5 times for M0 and slightly less on higher modifications), as well as the minimal hit range (by 15-20 percent).

Benefits: the maximum hit range will be increased by 2-3 times, and splash damage will inflict more damage and in a wider radius, than before.

Summary: now Twins will be more effective at a longer range, than previously — up to 40-60 meters instead of 15-20. The power-up of the turret will be compensated by the slowdown of its projectiles and the increased danger of self-destruction due splash damage.




Now the aimed shot will fully deplete the ammo tank. At the same time, the minimal damage in Sniper mode will be increased by 6-7%. Also the quick reload between shots will be faster by the full 0.5 seconds, and the ammo recovery speed after firing an aimed shot will increase by 10-15%.


The full list of turret balance changes will be posted in Patch Notes later today.


Changes to the Holiday paint


After server restart on October 16th the visual appearance of the Holiday paint will slightly change. Now when there’s no holiday or events in the game the paint will look like this:



Launch the game after the restart on October 16th and share your thoughts on the update!

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