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You’ve probably heard about the new pack «Tanki in Moscow» in the latest V-LOG, and if not, we’ll tell you right now.


This pack was made for tankers who can’t come to the meetup in Moscow, but want to add an exclusive paint to their garage, available only for attendees. The full pack includes:


  • Exclusive «Tanki in Moscow» paint that will be added to your garage on September 11th
  • 7 gold boxes
  • 20 days of premium
  • 1500 of each supply (except gold boxes)


From 14:00 UTC on September 2nd until 14:00 UTC on September 11th the «Tanki in Moscow» pack will be available in the Shop under the «Special offer» category for USD15.99.


After purchasing the pack you will immediately receive all items, except the exclusive paint. The «Tanki in Moscow» paint will be added to your garage after it has been removed from the Shop on September 11th. Everyone who will purchase the pack is guaranteed to receive the paint, but attendees of the meetup will have an early access.


And that’s not all!


We’ve created a special crystal prize pool, which increases by 20.000 crystals with every purchase of the «Tanki in Moscow» pack or ticket to the «Tanki in the City» meetup. The final prize pool will be enormous!


On 15:00 UTC September 11th we will run a live giveaway and everyone who purchased a ticket to the meetup or a «Tanki in Moscow» pack in the Shop will enter the giveaway. The number of winners will depend on the size of the final prize pool—more crystals mean more winners!


Check the size of the prize pool and the number of future winners live on the special site:


You can already see how big it is, even before the «Tanki in Moscow» pack was available for sale, thanks to the tickets purchased for the «Tanki in the City» meetup.


Don’t miss your chance to buy a ticket or a pack and become one of the crystallionaires!

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