YouTubers VS Developers


If you’ve been following the V-LOG, you already know we’ve been working on improving micro-upgrades. Well, here’s some awesome news — the improved micro-upgrades are in the game right now as you read this!

Here’s a quick look at what you should expect:

  • For the same amount of crystals as before, you can now upgrade your turret and hull parameters right to the level of the next modification: a fully upgraded M2 will basically have the same parameters as a stock M3.
  • If you fully micro-upgrade all of an item’s parameters, you will be able to get its next modification for free upon reaching the required rank.
  • You can now use an item in battle even if it is in the process of being micro-upgraded. If the micro-upgrade is completed while you’re in a battle, the new parameter will become effective after your next respawn.
  • The following turrets now allow you to micro-upgrade parameters that were previously unavailable for upgrade:
    • Ricochet – projectile speed
    • Isida – range
    • Shaft – penetrating power
    • Smoky – reload time and range
  • Of course, since M0, M1 and M2 turrets and hulls now receive a bigger boost to parameters with micro-upgrades, we have also adjusted any previously installed upgrades on these modifications, making them more effective than before the update.

Tankers, it’s time to stop reading, jump into a battle, and test out some improved parameters on your enemies.

Most importantly, have fun and remember to share your thoughts in the forum.

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