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Rules of conducting The Competition “Wild West”

1.  The main information. Organiser of The Contest.

1.1. These Rules regulate the procedure of how the contest “Wild West” (hereinafter referred to as “the Contest”) is organised and conducted.

1.2. The Organiser of the Contest is APL Publishing Ltd, a Cypriot corporation with company registration number HE 424713 having its registered address at Neofytou Nikolaidi & Kilkis, 35, Flat/Office 312, 8011 Paphos, Cyprus. (further – Organiser).

1.3. The information support of Contest is provided on the website (hereinafter referred to as “the Contest Website”).

1.4. The Contest is being conducted on Russian Federation territory, on the Contest Website.

1.5. To take part in this contest, a player has to purchase a special Event Pass in the Shop of the Game.

1.6. This contest is governed by Section 3 of the Licensing Agreement for the interactive multiplayer online game Tanki Online For purposes of these Rules applies section 3 of The Licensing Agreement of interactive multiuser online game Tanki Online (hereinafter referred to as “the Game), as well as the following Terms and Definitions.

1.6.1. Event Pass — an in-game item, purchased by Participant, that unlocks access to take part in the Contest, randomly assigns a participant to one of two factions, and opens access to a set of Special Missions.

1.6.2. Special mission — an in-game task, that is available to the Participant after purchasing Event Pass, that is to be completed in the game and the Participant receives Bullets for completing it.

1.6.3. Bullet — an in-game currency that the Participant can get for completing Special missions, or purchase in the Shop of the Game.

1.6.4. Personal task — an in-game task, that is available to the Participant after purchasing the Event Pass, that is to be completed by accumulating the required number of Bullets, and that Participant gets individual rewards for completing it.

1.6.5. Individual competition — the totality of all Personal tasks of the participant.

1.6.6. Individual progress — progress of Participant in the Individual competition, the number of Bullets received by Participant and the number of Personal tasks completed by  Participant.

1.6.7. Team competition — the number of Bullets earned by all current Participants of Faction.

1.6.8. Faction — a team that consists of Participants of the Contest.

1.6.9. Team competition winner — the Faction whose members have the highest number of Bullets at the end of the contest.

2.  The Dates and Structure of Contest

2.1.  The Contest starts at 05:00 AM Moscow time on September 29th 2023, and ends at 05:00 AM Moscow time on October 23rd 2023. Moscow time (UTC +3). The selection and announcement of the Winners of the Contest will take place on October 25th 2023 through information published on the Website

2.2. The exact time of the announcement will be specified on the Website at a later date, no later than 1 day prior to the date of draw.

3. Terms and Conditions

3.1. To take part in the Contest, the Participant must be a User of the Game, and purchase the Event Pass in the Shop in the Game.

3.2.  Terms and Conditions for Contest Participation 

3.2.1. After purchasing the Event Pass, the Participant is randomly assigned to one of Factions, and will get access to Special Missions and Personal tasks. 

3.2.2. For completed Special missions, the Participant will get Bullets.

3.2.3. The Participant can also purchase Bullets in the Shop of the Game.

3.2.4. Bullets received by the Participant allow the Participant to complete Personal tasks, and are also counted for the Team competition in favour of the Participant’s current faction.

3.2.5. At the end of the Contest, Participants of the Faction with the highest total number of Bullets (and is therefore considered the Team competition winner) will receive the Prize for the Team competition.

3.2.6. The Participant has the right to change to another Faction by purchasing the «Defector» Special Offer in the Shop in the Game.

3.2.7. When the Participant shows their voluntary desire to change Faction: Bullets earned by Participant are transferred from the Participant’s previous faction to the Participant’s new faction. Bullets earned by the Participant before the moment of Faction change are no longer counted towards the Participant’s Individual competition, all Personal tasks completed by the Participant are marked as incomplete, and the Participant doesn’t get rewards for Personal tasks completed before the moment of Faction change until they are completed again.

3.3. In case of fraud attempts (violation of the Game Rules in order to obtain Bullets), the Participant may be disqualified without the right to appeal, and the Participant’s game account may be blocked.

4.  Drawing and rewarding the winners

4.1. Drawing and rewarding the winners of the Contest

4.1.1. At the end of the contest, the Participant receives Prizes for completed Personal tasks.

4.1.2. At the end of the contest, Participants of the Faction, which is considered the Team competition winner, that is, Participants of which have the highest number of Bullets in total, receive the Prize for Team competition.

4.1.3. All Prizes will be awarded to Winners at the end of the Contest, as specified by the reward Terms and Conditions stated in the Rules

4.1.4. Prizes for the Individual competition and the Team competition are listed on the Contest Website.

5. Other conditions of the Contest

5.1. By participating in the Contest, the Participant agrees with these Rules of the Contest and is obliged to follow them.

5.2. The Participant expresses the consent with the following, that the Organiser does not recompense for the loss associated with participation in the Contest. 

5.3. Information about Contest Rules, and any amendments to the Contest Rules is delivered to the Participants of the Contest through publishing information on the Website.

5.4. The Organiser has a right to take the decision to refuse the Participant delivery of the Prize in the case of violations of the conditions and limitations provided by these Rules and conditions of The Licensing Agreement.

5.5. Regarding any questions associated with the running of the Contest, the Participant has a right to contact the Customer support via email address:

5.6. Complaints of the Participants regarding the participation in the Contest are admitted for examination by the Organiser of the Contest within 30 (thirty) days from the day of the announcement of the Winners. 

5.7. The Organiser of the Contest has a right to amend the Rules of its running without the prior and/or following notification of the Participant. Information about any amendments to the Contest Rules is delivered through publishing information on the Website. If the Participant continues their participation in Contest after amendments to the Contest Rules, it is recognized as their consent with such amendments.

5.8. In matters of regulation that have not been covered by these Rules, the Organizer and Promotion Participants will conform to applicable federal laws.

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