Basic information


Brief rules


Participants of the tournament.

To participate in the tournament , clans register on the forum in the “Clans” section not later than 1 week before the start of the registration for the tournament. Each of the clans can register from 7 to 14 players with the ranks above Brigadier. Changes in the member list are possible in the transfer window, which opens on the 2nd till 6th date of each month, unless it’s decided otherwise by the Organizators. The list of clans, lists of members, contacts and ratings are taken into account in a special document.



Clans, who have gone through the process of registration and confirmation, in agreement with the current rules, are divided into grids (randomly or with rating system) of 8 clans in each. The tournament system is Single Elimination. Losing once means the end of participation in the tournament.


Maps and formats

For each tournament, the organizers decide the map and format not later than a day before the start of registration.

Possible formats:


Prizes and ratings

For formats XP/BP, Light, Medium, Hard (Economy):

For formats Hard (VIP), Exotic;

In addition to this there can be an additional special prizes for the Exotic format, which are announced on the day of the tournament.

As a result of the tournament Blitz clans receive points in the ratings.


Records, broadcasts and reviews of the Blitz tournaments are published in this link.

More information in a special section on the Forum.

Discussion on the Forum.