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How to protect yourself from scammers?

Cases of «stolen» accounts occur all the time. Often users themselves are to blame. Be vigilant and don’t trust scammers!

By following simple security rules, you can easily protect your account from intruders.


The password is the «key» to the tank. Here are a few tips that can help you create a strong password and keep your account safe from hijacking:

Additional Account Protection


You can secure your account by linking your email to it. Under Settings icon.jpg Settings there is a subsection Account, where you can specify your valid email. This email will receive an automatic email confirming the action. The result of binding the mail will be more protected from the change of password tank and completed the special mission “LINK YOUR EMAIL”.

Two-factor authentication

The idea of two-factor authentication (2FA) is that to enter the game, in addition to the standard username and password, you must also enter a special code that is generated in real time on your smartphone in a special application. The code changes every 30 seconds, during which it is necessary to enter the current code in the game. Unlike the mail binding, which just prevents the intruder from changing the password, 2FA provides account protection from hacking – unauthorized entry by third parties.

2FA 5.png.png

General tips to protect yourself from scammers

Don’t tell your password to anyone

The real employees of the Administration will never ask you for it.

Never enter your username and password for the game on third-party resources

All contests, special events, mini-games and promotions are held either inside the game or on websites containing the domain. In addition, you can find out about any of these events on the game’s official forum, on the main page of «Tanki Online» and in communities in social networks. Do not follow the links of players who promise to accrue crystals, report «news» about unprecedented discounts and new turrets with hulls. Clicking on such a link will lead you to a phishing site. If you enter your account information on a third-party site, you’re putting your account directly into the hands of phishers. Please be aware that your account will either be sold or used to test new cheats (in the latter case it will be impossible to get your blocked account back).

Ignore attempts to sell or buy accounts

Most hijackings occur when someone tries to sell or buy an account. In the first case, there is a risk of losing your account without the possibility of return, and in the second – to lose your money. Selling and transferring game accounts to third parties is prohibited by the user agreement and leads to the blocking of the account. Any data about the account can only be requested from the — game technical support mail.

Be vigilant

Do not give out the email address the account is registered to. Do not write it on the forum or in personal correspondence. Remember that if you lose control over your mailbox, you risk losing not only your game account, but also control over your e-wallets and plastic cards that were used to make payments.

If you suspect that your account data has fallen into the wrong hands, change the passwords for the account and the email (or the entire email) as soon as possible.

If you have already lost access to your account, immediately write to technical support. Once you’ve regained access to your account, think again about linking it to the two-factor authentication system.

What to do it I lost crystals from my account

Sometimes you may log into the game and find out that you have missing stuff. This happens rarely but is very unpleasant for any tanker.

If you experience such problems:

1. First, change the password of your account and the email that is linked to it (someone else may be using your account). Instructions on how to change email and password.

2. If you have noticed some items missing, please wait for the scheduled restart of servers. (Usually at 2 AM UTC+0)

3. If the crystals were not returned to your account after the restart, you need to contact technical support using this form.

If a loss of crystals has really taken place, they will be returned to your account.

IMPORTANT: Missing supplies cannot be returned.

What to do if my account has been stolen?

The main subjects of player complaints are loss of their account (theft) and loss of crystals. If it’s happened to you, there is no need to panic! Fill in the Application for account return with your answers and the customer service will get in touch with you shortly after it.


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