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Tanki Online is more than just an exciting online Game. It’s a community of people who share the same interests. We encourage mutual respect and politeness, and strongly discourage offensive behavior and/or the violation of other Players’ rights.

Short version

The Administration reserves the right to limit a Player’s in-game abilities, lower their ratings, block their Accounts, and apply other restrictions if they perform any of the following actions:

• use of bots, use of third-party software which gives an advantage in the Game, exploitation of bugs;
• creating obstructions for other players;
• flooding, spam, typing in capital letters;
• insults, threats, slander;
• obscene language, including in the implied form;
• any form of discrimination;
• any sale, purchase, exchange, or transfer of Accounts or other in-game property;
• instigating others to violate the Game Rules;
• swindling passwords or other Account information;
• impersonating a member of Administration or one of its assistants;
• publication of links to third-party resources;
• advertising, political propaganda;
• violation of laws;
• fraud or other dishonest actions;
• other actions forbidden by the Game Rules;

Full version

Types of restrictions to the Game and the Game’s Resources:

• Removal from a battle — restricting a player’s access to a specific battle.
• Chat ban — permanent or temporary restrictions on the ability to write in the Game’s chats, create PRO battles, send complaints, and perform some other actions in the Game. 
• Account block — permanent or temporary restrictions on the ability to use an account. It becomes impossible to  access the account in any way.

1. Violations which cause a player’s account to be removed from a battle

It is forbidden to perform the following actions:

1.1Sabotage in matchmaking battlesCreating obstructions in team modes for the player’s own team (fighting against their own team)
1.2Conspiracy in matchmaking battlesUnspoken agreement between players in team modes or organizing fixed battles to increase in-game indicators 

2. Violations which cause a player’s account to be blocked

It is forbidden to perform the following actions:

2.1Sabotage in PRO battlesCreating obstructions in team modes for the player’s own team (fighting against their own team)
2.2Conspiracy in PRO battlesUnspoken agreement between players in team modes or organizing fixed battles to increase in-game indicators
2.3Creating accounts and clans that violate the Game RulesCreation and usage of an account with a Game nickname that violates Section 3 of the Game Rules, orcreating a clan with a name, a tag, or a description that violates Section 3 of the Game Rules
2.4Suspicious or unusual activity of a PlayerFor example: entering the same account from different locations or devices on the same day, and any other signs that the account might be stolen
2.5Using hacksUse of third-party software or any other means of  improvement/automation of Game possibilities (bots, cheats, etc.), as well as programs that may deteriorate the functions of the Game and/or the function of electronic devices of third persons
2.6Exploitation of software bugs, and transferring information about themExploitation of software bugs in the Game, transferring information about them to third persons except for the Administration;Game activity that causes a large increase of in-game currencies in a short period of time, etc.;
2.7Illegitimate account boostingBattles between accounts operated by the same Player;
2.8Transfer of the Account or other Game valuesTransfer of the Account or any other Game values to third persons; publication of any offers to buy, sell, or transfer the Account or in-game property, both free of charge or for crystals or any other currency; revealing an account’s password, and instigating others to commit the above actions; entering or using an account of another player;
2.9FraudFraudulent or any other illegal actions, including but not limited to fraudulent in-game financial operations, fraud in the course of transactions, payments, including any refunds or prohibited transactions; using the Player’s virtual property, rankings, achievements and possessions in the Game after refunding a payment; obtaining in-game currency by any fraudulent means or other illegal actions. The Administration warns the Player about criminal responsibility and other responsibility for the above actions.
2.10Malicious actionsCarrying out any actions that adversely affect the development or image of the Game, as well as those that may cause damage/loss to the Players or the Administration;
2.11Name SquattingMass creation of accounts in order to occupy Game nicknames.

3. Violations which cause a player’s account to be banned in Chat

It is forbidden to publish the following information and materials:

3.1FloodMeaningless (of little substance or unconstructive) messages, or messages that interfere with communication
3.2Bad or strong languageIncludes bad or strong language, other bad or rude words(/phrases) not classified as bad language, including bad language in the implied form
3.3Insults, slanderInsults or slander (dissemination of misleading information) in relation to other Players, the Administration, or other persons;
3.4Provocation, incitementCommission or instigation (provocation) of other Players, Administration, or other persons, to actions (or inaction) that is prohibited by these Game Rules, the Agreement, and/or applicable law, as well as performing such actions; 
3.5ThreatsThreats in any form related to Players, Administration, or third persons
3.6Unconstructive criticismUnconstructive criticism of the Game and/or its authors, the Administration, or their actions.
3.7About resources with third-party softwareLinks to sites/hostings containing 3rd party software (cheats, programs, clients, etc.); spreading links to sites containing software that changes the Game’s functionality or promises to do so
3.8Attempts to impersonate the AdministrationAny attempts to impersonate a former or current employee of the Administration or their assistants, including sending messages on behalf of the Administration;
3.9BeggingBegging in any form, including requests to transfer funds and/or Game values;
3.10Dissemination of any personal information about  third personsDissemination of any personal information about other Players or  third persons (unless such information is publicly accessible);
3.11Discrimination Any form of discrimination by gender, age, religion, or other characteristics;
3.12Phishing Phishing — attempts to gain access to a third party’s confidential data, such as logins, passwords, etc., by using links to third party resources that are disguised as the Game’s official resources; posting links to resources that promise free crystals, crystals issued by the Administration, hacks for crystals, etc.; other cases of fraud aimed at stealing Players’ accounts and data
3.13Sexual, erotic, or pornographic nature contentIncluding naked sexual organs, picturing or describing sexual relations or deviant sexual practices, as well as posting links to resources containing such information
3.14Content that incites hatred or enmityContent that insults or humiliates the feelings of religious believers; raises hatred, enmity, racial, international, or ethnic discord, intolerance (including insults, giving nicknames based on racial, national, ethnic, or religious characteristics)
3.15Nazi symbolismContains or encourages propaganda of Nazi emblems, symbols, abbreviations or designations, or names and surnames of Nazi activists;
3.16Сalls for violenceContent in which one can recognize elements of calls for violence, war, terrorism, the overthrow of government, extremism, and/or mass disturbances
3.17Information about criminalsInformation about political organizations (or persons), including those that committed political crimes or crimes against humankind, terrorist acts, or otherwise violated international law;
3.18Health-threatening informationDiscussing methods for committing suicide, calls to commit suicide, violence, or other actions that pose a threat to life or health, descriptions of dangerous fighting techniques, stunts, methods for weapons production, description of body modification methods
3.19Antisocial behavior Behavior that describes, instigates or justifies unlawful or antisocial behavior, crime, violence, mutilation, psychic or physical cruelty to people or animals, inflicting damaging the property of others
3.20Content that causes fearContent that causes fear, horror or panic in children, including pictures or descriptions of death, diseases, suicide, accidents, emergencies or disasters and (or) their consequences; other information that may damage the health or development of minors
3.21Promotion of unhealthy lifestyleDirect or indirect propaganda/calls to consume alcoholic and/or alcohol-containing drinks, beer, tobacco products, smoking and its accessories, drugs, toxic, psychotropic and/or intoxicating substances or their precursors; contains information about the places and methods of their production, acquisition, cultivation, or use;
3.22Illegal actionsActions that can encourage the desire to participate in gambling games, prostitution, vagrancy or beggary;
3.23Political agitationPolitical solicitation, political advertising, election propaganda of any kind; discussion of political issues that can provoke conflict in any way
3.24 History negationNegation of historical events
3.25Сrimes against childrenInformation about a minor that suffered as a result of unlawful actions (omissions)
3.26AdvertisingAny materials or information distributed by any means, or in any form, addressed to an indefinite circle of persons and aimed at drawing attention to the object of advertising, formation or maintenance of interest in it and its promotion in the market without the consent of the Administration

4. Restriction specifics

4.1. If a Player violates the Game Rules, the Administration shall be entitled to apply the restrictions stipulated in the relevant section of the Game Rules to this Player. Possible restrictions are not limited to the aforementioned ones. The Administration reserves the right to apply other restrictions at its own discretion, up to a permanent ban in chat or the permanent blocking of the Account. 

4.2. If a Player has been given an opportunity to use in-game values and change game statistics as a result of a technical error, a failure of the Game, or conscious actions of the Player in violation of the procedure established by the EULA, the Administration has the right to eliminate the consequences of such use without notifying the Player by returning the parties to their original state.

4.3. When choosing the duration and type of restriction, the Administration takes into account the type and number of violations, as well as previous violations of the Game Rules by the Player. For each violation of the Game Rules, the Player receives a certain number of penalty points. Penalty points are considered when choosing the duration of future restrictions, but can also be considered when selecting the duration of the current violation, depending on its type. Penalty points can be annulled depending on the type of violation. 

4.4. The Administration shall be entitled, at its own discretion, to delete any information or message, without notification.

4.5. The Administration shall be entitled, at its own discretion, to apply one or several restrictions simultaneously to the Player, or give a warning.

4.6. Violation of these Game Rules means that the Player may be immediately, without any prior notice, denied provision of Game services, or such services may be restricted in full or in part.

4.7. As it is not always possible to precisely identify the particular violations of the Game Rules, the final decision always remains with the Administration.

4.8. These restrictions may be applied to any Account of the User that violates these Game Rules.

4.9. Private messages are intended for the personal communication of Users in Game services. If a complaint is received about a violation in Private messages, the Administration adds the reported Player to the complainant’s blacklist. The Player also may stop receiving private messages from another Player by adding them to the blacklist by clicking the “Hide Messages” button in the Game’s chat.

4.10. The Administration shall in no way be responsible for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, that a User or a third party might have suffered as a result of the User’s use or the third party’s use of the Internet Site, the Game and /or the Online Facilities, including but not limited to damages caused by: the inability to use the Game or its Online Facilities;or caused by the application of restrictions by the Administration to the User; direct or indirect damages arising out of third party actions, including other users of the Game; lack of access to the internet; theft; destruction of materials; loss of information related to User’s Account; and any harm to the User’s honor, dignity, and business reputation arising in connection to the Game

4.11. If a player receives restrictions on one account and uses another account to bypass these restrictions, that account can also be restricted.

5. Complaints and Appeals

Area of complaintMethod of complaint
Complaints on violations of the Game Rules by other players in Lobby chatClick on the violator’s nickname near the message and click the “Report” button
Complaints on violations of the Game Rules by other players in the Battle chatClick on the violator’s nickname near the message and click the “Report” button
Complaints on violations of the Game Rules by other players in battles (except chat violations)Click on the violator’s nickname in the Battle statistics table (TAB) and click the “Report” button
Complaints about actions (or inaction) of the Administration and its assistantsSend an email to help@tankionline.com
Other questions or commentsSend an email to help@tankionline.com

5.1. The Player has the right to complain about the violation of the Game Rules or unjustified application of restrictions to their account in the way indicated in the table. Complaints filed in other ways may remain unanswered.

5.2. The Administration considers such applications within 30 calendar days;

5.3. When sending a complaint, the Player shall describe the nature of the situation in as much detail as possible and as clearly as possible and attach pieces of evidence (screenshots, etc.). Complaints about groundless restrictions are considered solely for the purpose of internal evaluation of the work of the Administration and the moderator.

6. Other provisions

6.1. The Administration manages the Game and applies these Game Rules at its sole discretion, but takes into account the community’s opinion;

6.2. These Game Rules may be changed by the Administration at any time. In the event of a change, the Administration shall notify players by showing a special window inside the game the first time the Player enters the game after the change of the Game Rules.

6.3. The Administration maintains a “zero tolerance” policy on cheating and fraud. If, in the Administration’s opinion, the User cheated or tried to cheat the Administration or another User, or provided false or fictitious information, documents, or evidence and otherwise violated the applicable laws, the Administration reserves the right to block the User’s Account and transfer such information at its own discretion (along with the User’s personal data) to any third party and/or law enforcement authorities if the Administration deems it necessary.

6.4. The Administration may issue other provisions and restrictions in the Forum Rules, eSports Rules, and the rules of competitions, tournaments, and championships. These Game Rules are simultaneously an integral part of other rules adopted by the Administration.

6.5. The Administration is in no way responsible for possible access of a third party to the Account and should not be considered responsible for any losses caused as a result of illegal use of the Player’s Login and Password by a third party, unauthorized access to the Login and Password, and/or for any transaction for which the Player’s Login and Password were registered (entered) correctly.

The Game Rules are an integral part of the End User License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the ‘’Agreement’’ or EULA) and other Game and Game services documents. In turn, the Agreement, the Privacy and Cookies policy, as well as other documents published in the Game and Game services, are an integral part of these Game Rules.

In the Rules of the game, the Licensee is referred to as the Player, and the Licensor is referred to as the Administration of the «Tanki Online» game (Administration of the Game).

Any terms and notions used in the Game Rules have the same meaning as has been assigned to them in the EULA (https://tankionline.com/en/eula/).

Other terms, definitions, and phrases used in the Game shall have meaning (and shall be interpreted by the Parties) in accordance with the EULA (https://tankionline.com/en/eula/), with the established practice of using these terms, definitions, and phrases when working in the field of Internet technologies, as well as in accordance with the applicable laws.

Any use of the Game and its Online Facilities and/or clicking “Accept” on the registration form means that you are acquainted with and agree with these Game Rules, and unconditionally accept all their terms.

The Game Rules are obligatory for all Licensees.

If you disagree with any of the conditions within these Game Rules, you have no right to further use the Game and its services and must leave this Site and refrain from using the Game.