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What to do if you paid the money but did not get the crystals

Unfortunately, sometimes you pay for crystals but they do not appear in your account. This is often as a result of problems with the payment providers.
Don’t worry! You have not lost your money, in most situations this problem can be resolved quickly!

Wait a few hours after making the payment before reporting the problem, because payments can take some time (especially if you pay using SMS).

If your crystals have still not appeared, follow the steps below to help you get your crystals.

1) Click on the Buy button, which can be found near your current crystals
Posted Image

2) Click on the Report button, in the lower right
Posted Image

3) Fill in all the blank fields in the pop up window with true and valid information

If you selected “Other” in the Payment system, kindly specify it in the “Comments”.
Describe the problem in as much detail and as simply as possible. A better description will lead to a faster resolution of the problem.