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How do I change my nickname?

You need to go to “Settings” → Account → Change name. You can change your nickname once for free. The next nickname changes cost 2,000 Tankoins.

Can I get the nickname of an inactive account?

Yes, the game has a mechanism of freeing unused nicknames. For that, the account needs to be inactive for a long time. More details on the game Wiki.

How can I change the clan name and tag?

To do so, please follow the steps mentioned in this page.

The procedure of changing clan name or tag costs 1,500 Tankoins.

How can I transfer clan ownership to another player?

To do so, the commander must open the list of clan members, click the “Transfer Clan Leadership” button in the role changing menu of the player, whom they wish to transfer the clan to.

The procedure of transfering clan leadership costs 3,000 Tankoins.

What should I do if the clan remains blocked after the owner’s account has been blocked?

To solve the problem, contact technical support by emailing to or by filling out the form found at this special site.

Why was I banned?

A chat ban is issued for violating the rules described in this special section of the game’s website.

The duration of restrictions depends on the severity of the violation and on the history of the player’s previous violations.

It is impossible to remove restrictions prematurely.

Don’t agree with a ban or a block? You can contact the Technical Support at or fill out the form on the special website.

How to report a chat violation?

Lobby chat

If a player writes unacceptable words or insults to other players in chat, they can be reported. To do so in the lobby chat, click on their nickname and in the context menu, click «Report the message».

Battle chat

Unlike in the lobby chat, to report a player in the battle chat, it is required to open the history of all messages sent in the battle. This can be done by clicking on the red icon near the chat window. Then follow the same procedure as in the lobby chat.

More about the moderation system on the game’s Wiki.

How to report a violation of the game rules?

You may report game violations right in a battle. Read more about how to report the violation of the Game Rules in the special article.

How to get a password for my account?

If you registered via a partner website/source and you need a password for your account, you can contact Technical Support at or fill out the form found at this special site.

How to earn Crystals?

Crystals can be earned for:

You can read more about earning crystals in this special article.

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