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What to do if you forgot your password or email

31 May, 2024

If a player linked an email to their account and forgot the password, they can easily change it. For that they need to click “Forgot username or password?” in the authorization window. In the window that pops up, it is necessary to write the linked email address, enter the captcha, and press “Restore”.

After entering their email, the player will find an email with a link from Tanki Online to change their password (email address). After following the link, a window will appear where it’s required to fill in the fields of a new password and, optionally, new email address. To confirm the changes, enter the captcha.

If the player doesn’t know their email address or can’t change the password themselves, they need to contact the Technical Support. The player should answer the form questions as precisely as possible so Technical Support can identify if they are the owner of the account.

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