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What To Do if I Was Banned or Blocked

31 May, 2024

Chat or forum ban

Bans aren’t given for no reason. But if a player thinks that a ban was given by mistake or wants to know the exact reason what the player was punished for, they need to contact one of the Chat Administrators via Forum PM (for appealing Chat bans), or one of the Forum Administrators via Forum PM (for appealing Forum bans).

Moreover, you can get informed about the reason for your ban by contacting the Tech Support.  Note that most false bans (for example, made due to a program error) are removed in a short amount of time without any actions from the player.

Blocked account

If you did in fact break the rules of the game (using cheats, sabotaging, or other major violations), your account cannot be unblocked. You can read the rules here.

Remember that not knowing the rules does not relieve you of responsibility. If you are sure that you did not break any rules, then it is possible that someone else has entered your account. In this case, you need to contact Technical Support.

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