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What is a PM and how to write there

31 May, 2024

PM — Private message.

PM — is your personal mailbox for receiving and sending personal messages to other players on the forum.

You can send a message in PM to, for example, administrators if you have any questions or problems, or any other player if you need to chat privately. Please note that some players may have turned off receiving private messages.

Attention! Players who received a Forum ban can’t send private messages for the duration of the ban.

To send a PM to another player you need to:

1. Enter the Forum by the link or by pressing the “Forum” button in the top right part of the “Tanki” site.

2. Click the “Sign in” button in the top right corner, then enter the login and password of your “Tanki Online” account in the form that appears and pass the “captcha”:

3. Press on the button with the envelope icon, after that in the window that appears, press “Compose new” to create a new message.

4. In the “To” field enter the nickname of the addressee (in-game nickname), and after that write the subject of the message and in the field below enter the text. You can format the text, as well as insert messages and videos.

The “Send” Button sends the message.

To read the conversation, click the button with the envelope icon again and then click “Go to inbox”.

Note! A message can’t be sent if at least one of the following fields is empty: ”To”, “Subject”, “Message”.

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