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How to raise FPS

11 March, 2024

What is FPS

FPS (frames per second) means how often the frames (images) change on your screen.

In other words, how many times per second the picture from the game is refreshed. The higher your FPS, the better (and smoother) your gaming experience.

You can see your current FPS in the right upper corner of the screen

Some players think that FPS depends on internet connection speed or server workload. But that’s not true. This value depends primarily on your computer’s performance.

If you’re getting low FPS, follow the instructions below.

How do I raise my FPS? – General guidelines

First of all, check your settings. Make sure that all graphic effects are disabled.

To view your settings, click on the «cogwheel» button in the lower-left corner. If you are in a battle, you can find the Settings button in the pause menu, which you can open by pressing the «Escape» button.

IMPORTANT! If you have a laptop or a monoblock PC — you need to download the drivers from the manufacturer’s website for your model.


To find out the name of your graphics card on Windows, press «Win+R». In the window that shows up, write “dxdiag” (without the quotation marks) and press «Enter».

A new window should show up. Click on the Display tab.

To find out the name of your graphics card on macOS, click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner and click on «About this Mac».

Graphics card settings

For NVIDIA graphics cards:

For ATI/AMD graphics cards:

Here is another way on how to increase FPS on HTML5 if the methods above did not work.

Many players are reporting extremely low frame rates and high ping with the new HTML5 version of the game, this could be due to many reasons.

HWA -as we will call it now- offloads the work of running the game from your CPU to your GPU which is designed to run games and this frees up your CPU for more important tasks.

First, you need to check if you have HWA on or off. Works for CHROME & OPERA, other Chromium browsers are untested though the steps should be similar or identical. (HTML5 only works on Chromium browsers)

Type this into your search bar:


This should bring up a page that looks something like this: FPS8.jpg

If you see all these options saying ‘Hardware accelerated’ in Green as this image shows then you already have HWA enabled and your low performance is caused by something else.

If you see ‘Software only, hardware acceleration unavailable/disabled’ then you need to enter your browser settings:

Type this into your search bar and follow the images below:


Scroll to the bottom > Advanced > System > Use hardware acceleration when available FPS10.jpg


Enable the option and relaunch your browser, you should now see ‘Hardware accelerated’ on the GPU page and experience much better performance.

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