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31 May, 2024

Forum profile — is a page on the game Forum that shows information about the profile owner and their posts. Authorization with your in-game login/password on Forum unlocks access to a lot of functions, including creating messages and topics on Forum, watching user profiles and using private messages (PM) to chat with other Forum users.

Also there is a comfortable search in profile for user materials that they left on the forum.

Forum profiles also have a convenient search function to look for content left by that user around the Forum. 

How to find your Forum profile?

1. Enter the Tanki Online Forum, using the login and password of your account:

2. Click on your nickname (in the top right corner), then the “Profile” button, or click the avatar near the nickname:

3. In the address bar of your browser there will be a link to your Forum profile. It can be copied from there.

How to find a player’s Forum profile

Attention! A player’s Forum profile can only be found if they entered the Forum at least once with their account.

1. Enter the Forum;
2. Click on the search field in the top right corner;
3. Select “Everywhere” → “Members”;
4. Enter the player’s nickname and press the button with the magnifying glass icon or “Enter”;

5. In the list of nicknames matching the search, select the player you wish to contact.

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