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Changes in Moderation and Game Rules

07 March, 2024

Important news for all tankers!

Game Rules

We decided to rework the Game Rules to make them more understandable for players. We rewrote them in a simpler way, so you don’t have any questions, removed excess rules and added some missing ones.

You can learn about the new rules format here.

Messages and battle name reports

Our moderation system is constantly modernised, so no rule-breaker can avoid it.

We were requested to add a “Report” button to report chat rules violations or battles with inappropriate names.

Now, to report a message in lobby chat or battle chat, you can:

Then it’s up to our moderators to process your report quickly and make a decision.

To report a battle name, press the “Report” button on the PRO battle’s card.

You can make a limited amount of reports per day. If a player makes false reports, we can turn this option off for them.

Moderation in Matchmaking

We also reworked game principles in matchmaking battles.

Now, for certain rule violations in MM battles, we will kick the player out of battle without blocking their account. For example, if the player is reported for inactivity or sabotaging, we will kick them out of the match.

Another way to punish rule violators — ending the battle without giving the battle fund away. If multiple players in a team battle conspire, we will forcefully end the match.

Note: PRO-Battle moderation will stay unchanged, and using cheats or transferring accounts will lead to a permanent ban, no matter the place of the violation.

Don’t violate the rules! 🙂 

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