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The game is back! A token of apology

07 December, 2023


We have great news! «Tanki Online» is back in action!

Unfortunately, we lost some of your progress data just for the hour before the game servers were stopped. If you made any purchases or received any rewards during that period of time and lost it, you should contact our tech support via email at to get the data restored.

As compensation for the inconvenience caused, we will soon be adding a special mission that will be available until 08.12 11:30 AM UTC. UPD: The mission was available until the servers restart.

Enter the game and press the «Claim» button of this mission to get 1 day of Premium Pass, 5 Containers and 100 Tankoins. The mission is available starting from the rank of Master Sergeant.

Thank you again for your understanding.

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